Appointments board DNB

Press release
Date 20 May 2011

The Cabinet, in its Friday meeting, has decided at the recommendation of the Supervisory Board and the Governing Board of De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), to propose the appointment of three new executive directors for appointment to the Crown, effective from 1 July.

Klaas Knot

Professor Klaas Knot (1967), currently Deputy Treasurer-General and Director for the Financial Markets in the Ministry of Finance, is to be President.Mr Knot will succeed Nout Wellink, whose term of office expires on 1 July.

Jan Sijbrand

Doctor Jan Sijbrand (1954) is to head the Banking Supervision division, succeeding Henk Brouwer whose term as Executive Director of DNB will end on the same date.Mr Sijbrand is currently employed as Chief Risk Officer with NIBC Bank.

Frank Elderson

Frank Elderson (1970), now working for DNB as its General Counsel and Director of the Legal Services division, is to be Executive Director responsible for Corporate Affairs, Payments, Legal Services, Internal Audit and the Corporate Secretariat.

‘We look forward to working together with the newly appointed Govering Board members,’ Chairman Fokko van Duyne of DNB’s Supervisory Board said.

The supervision of pension funds, insurance companies and investment firms constitutes the portfolio of Ms Joanne Kellermann (1960), who joined the Governing Board in 2007.

Professor Lex Hoogduin (1956), Executive Director since 2009, has decided for career as well as personal reasons to leave DNB on 1 July. The Supervisory and Governing Boards have accepted Prof. Hoogduin’s decision and are grateful for his important contributions to the work of DNB. They are considering his succession.