Reaction of De Nederlandsche Bank to the report of the De Wit Committee

Press release
Date 11 April 2012

With particular appreciation for the tasks performed by the De Wit Parliamentary Inquiry Committee on the Financial System, De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) has taken note of the Committee’s report that was presented to the Dutch Lower House today.

In the report, the De Wit Committee scrutinizes the exceptional crisis measures taken by the Dutch authorities between September 2008 and January 2009. These were taken during a period of unprecendented turmoil, when the stability of the Dutch financial system was in the balance, but could eventually be maintained. The massive use of public funds involved in this operation warranted such a thorough investigation.

DNB is at this moment studying the report and the recommendations made by the Committee. DNB will consider the need to take additional measures on top of the lessons already learned from the crisis and the various investigations carried out since that time. It is now up to Parliament to speak its mind. Naturally, DNB will follow the debate in Parliament with keen attention.


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