Press release: DNB to move gold vaults and banknote activities

Press release
Date 6 October 2016

De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) intends to move its banknote activities and the gold vaults to Camp New Amsterdam, a Ministry of Defence site in the municipality of Zeist.

DNB wants to renovate its offices at Westeinde 1 in Amsterdam, but will be moving its gold vaults and banknote activities to Camp New Amsterdam. The decision was taken because the presence of the banknote activities and the gold vaults demand very tight security measures, which more and more interfere with staff and visitor accessibility. Besides, regular cash transport through the centre of Amsterdam has also become a complex matter.   

De Nederlandsche Bank and the Ministry of Defence are currently working out the plans for new development. 

The new Cash Centre will become operational at the beginning of 2022. Camp New Amsterdam is one of the sites of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee. They play a key role in the Netherlands in securing cash transports by De Nederlandsche Bank. 

Functions of the Cash Centre
The new Cash Centre will have several functions. Firstly, it will have a banknote sorting and distribution unit. Cash transports will in the future originate from Camp New Amsterdam to supply professional cash handlers with banknotes and coins. Secondly, it will house the National Analysis Centre for the registration and analysis of counterfeits and a European Test Centre for research into the sustainable use of banknotes. And finally, it will be the site for storing gold, banknotes and coins. 

Front desk for the public
DNB will keep its front desk for the public at its head office at Westeinde 1 in Amsterdam. Here, the public can come to exchange old guilder banknotes for euros or hand in damaged euro banknotes.

Contact: Martijn Pols (06-524 96 432) and Herman Lutke Schipholt (06-524 96 900).