Press release: EIOPA publishes results of stress tests for European insurers

Press release
Date 15 December 2016

EIOPA, the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority, today published the results of the stress tests conducted among 236 European insurers. The aim of the stress tests, which are held every two years, is to expose any vulnerabilities in the insurance sector and to test the sector's resilience in unfavourable market conditions.

This time the focus was on the low interest rate environment for life insurers. The results of the stress tests confirm that European life insurers are sensitive to scenarios with sustained low interest rates or shocks to the value of assets in a low interest rate environment.
The results highlight the need for insurers to continue efforts to develop future-proof business models and to consider the impact of a prolonged period of low interest rates on their capital and dividend policy. This was also a conclusion of the report we published earlier this week entitled "Vision for the future of the Dutch insurance sector". 

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