Investment firms’ balance sheet total passes mark of EUR 500 billion

Statistical News Release
Date 18 August 2011
In the second quarter of 2011 Dutch investment firms’ net assets increased by 1.6% Q-o-Q (EUR 7.3 billion) to EUR 461.7 billion
This growth rate is lower than in the previous quarter (2.6% Q-o-Q). Growth in net assets in the second quarter of 2011 entirely reflects net inflow (EUR 10.8 billion), which came primarily from institutional investors. Total return on the investment portfolio was negative at -0.4% Q-o-Q. For the first time ever, the investment firms’ balance sheet total exceeded EUR 500 billion (EUR 501.6 billion). The number of investment funds decreased by 22 funds to 1430 in the second quarter.

Dutch investment funds' total net assets
For the second consecutive quarter, investment firms reported a loss on their investment portfolio. In both quarters, this was in part caused by capital loss on the equity portfolio. Equity prices came under downward pressure in the second quarter of 2011, owing partly to market expectations of a slight weakening inUSeconomic growth. Depreciation of the US dollar vis-à-vis the euro (1.7% Q-o-Q) also had a negative impact on equity portfolio returns. Capital loss on equity investments amounted to -2.6% Q-o-Q in the second quarter of 2011. This loss is comparable to the fall in the MSCI World Index (measured in euro) by -2.4% Q-o-Q in the same period. A severe capital loss was also suffered on investments in Dutch equities (-8.3% Q-o-Q), consistent with the slide in the AEX-index (-7.1% Q-o-Q). Capital gain on investments in bonds was zero (0.0% Q-o-Q) in the second quarter. Including interest income, the total return on bond investments was 1.0% Q-o-Q.

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