DNB expands statistics on monetary financial institutions

Statistical News Release
Date 27 October 2015

On 27 October 2015, De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) published revamped statistical tables on monetary financial institutions (MFIs) in the Netherlands in what is known as the 5 series. What prompted the overhaul was the revision of the reports that Dutch-based banks submit to DNB each month under new international regulations. We highlight the main changes below. 

A major new feature is the inclusion of notional cash pooling in various tables as an o/w item in loans from MFIs (Table 5.2.1) and deposits with MFIs (Table 5.2.5). Under interest-rate pooling and pooling of accounts arrangements, banks allow their customers to net specific credit and debit balances in order to optimise liquidity management in their bank accounts. Businesses that have a presence in multiple countries may benefit from such arrangements in particular.

Another addition is the further breakdown of other assets and other liabilities in Table 5.2, with interest receivable/payable on loans and securities now being specified. This table also presents a further geographical breakdown between euro area and non-euro area counterparties.

Various tables that break down a number of bank balance sheet items geographically now also present series for non-euro area counterparties, provided the confidentiality of the figures is guaranteed. From now on, they also distinguish between pension funds and insurance corporations as counterparty sectors.

Finally, the interest rates table (Table 5.2.7) now contains separate series (volumes and rates) for loans and deposits that were renegotiated during the relevant period, resulting in revised contract terms.

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