Strong increase in Dutch investment funds’ total net assets

Statistical News Release
Date 21 May 2013

In the first quarter of 2013 Dutch investment firms’ net assets increased by 4.5% Q-o-Q (EUR 25.2 billion) to EUR 581.1 billion (see figure 1).

The increase was due especially to price gains on equity investments. The number of Dutch investment institutions increased from 1517 in the final quarter of 2012 to 1538 in the first quarter of 2013.

Total net assets of Dutch investment funds

Investment funds realised total returns on invested assets of 3.8% in the first quarter of 2013, compared to 1.6% Q-o-Q in the the preceding quarter.  The positive overall return was caused mainly by a 7.7% Q-o-Q price gain (in euro terms) on equity investments (see figure 2). At the same time, the MSCI World Index (benchmark, measured in euro) also rose, by 10.0% Q-o-Q, while the AEX index increased by 1.6%. Investments in government bonds – dominated by bonds of euro area governments – suffered a 1.4% price loss. This in line with the decline of the iBoxx Euro Sovereign All Maturities Index (a benchmark) by 0.5% quarter on quarter. The portfolios of corporate bonds yielded quarter-on-quarter price gains of 1.1%.

Return on Dutch investment funds

Net deposits into investment funds, almost entirely from institutional investors, ran to EUR 3.8 billion. Although households, after nine successive quarters of withdrawals, once more made net deposits, these remained limited to a mere EUR 18 million. Equity funds, with net deposits worth EUR 2.6 billion, were favourite among investors, especially those investing in emerging markets (EUR 2.3 billion). Hedge funds (EUR 0.5 billion), mixed funds (EUR 0.2 billion) and other funds (EUR 1.7 billion) also reported net deposits. Real estate funds and bond funds saw net withdrawals in the first quarter of 2013, by EUR 0.6 billion and EUR 0.5 billion, respectively.