Research at DNB

Research of De Nederlandsche Bank seeks to support DNB’s policy activities through high-quality, policy oriented scientific research on subjects relevant to DNB’s core duties.

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DNB Research policy

Consistent with the approach adopted throughout the Eurosystem, the purpose of research activities at De Nederlandsche Bank is to: i) provide research results relevant for the formulation of policy advice on monetary and supervisory policies; ii) maintain and use econometric models in order to construct economic forecasts and projections and compare the impact of alternative policy choices; and iii) communicate with the academic and research community, for example, through the publication of research results in peer-reviewed scientific journals and by participating in and organising of research conferences and workshops.

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DNB staff publish their research in the DNB Working Paper series. Many of these working papers are subsequently published in academic journals. For more information on working papers, and the publications of DNB staff, see the links below.

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Visiting Scholar Programme

De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) offers opportunities for external researchers to visit DNB to collaborate with the bank's research staff under the auspices of its Visiting Scholar Programme. Its primary purpose is to bring in external research expertise on topics relevant to the core competencies of DNB in the fields of monetary policy, payment systems, financial stability and economic policy. For the researchers who visit, DNB offers a highly professional and stimulating research environment in close proximity to the policymaking process.

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Personal pages

At DNB, policy relevant research is being carried out in several divisions, by staff members also doing policy advisory work. Personal homepages present their research publications and work in progress.

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Microdata for research

Under strict conditions, external researchers may use DNB’s data on individual institutions, i.e. the microdata. For each research project, these data are anonymised for secrecy purposes. DNB offers the microdata for research in close cooperation with Statistics Netherlands (CBS).

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