The Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) organises external research seminars on a regular basis. These seminars are open to external visitors. The seminars are usually held on Tuesdays from 12.00 to 13.00 at the Nederlandsche Bank, Westeinde 1 in Amsterdam.


If you'd like to attend a DNB seminar, please contact Gita Gajapersad on +31 20 524 2347 or by e-mail:

You will need a proof of identity (passport, EU Identity Card or Dutch driver's license) to enter DNB.


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ONLINE - tba26 January 2021
Spyridon Sichlimiris (Riksbank)
ONLINE - tba16 March 2021
Fabio Braggion (Tilburg University)
ONLINE - The Causal Effect of Financial Innovation on Payment Choice and Cash Demand - Evidence from the Staggered Introduction of Contactless Debit Cards23 March 2021
Helmut Stix (Oesterreichische Nationalbank)
ONLINE - tba30 March 2021
Mathijs Lof (Aalto University)
ONLINE - tba20 April 2021
Maarten van Oordt (Bank of Canada)
ONLINE - tba18 May 2021
Nicola Pavanin (University of Tilburg)

1-12 from 12 results