Personal pages

At DNB, policy relevant research is being carried out in several divisions, by staff members also doing policy advisory work. Personal homepages present their research publications and work in progress.

Bats, JoostFinancial Markets
Berben, Robert-PaulEconomics and Research
Berk, Jan MarcStatistics
Bikker, Jaap A.Economics and Research
Boermans, MartijnStatistics
Bolt, WilkoEconomics and Research
Bonam, DennisEconomics and Research
Bonomolo, PaoloEconomics and Research
Broeders, DirkFinancial Markets
Bun, MauriceEconomics and Research
Caloia, FrancescoFinancial Stability
Colciago, AndreaEconomics and Research
de Haan, LeoEconomics and Research
De Veirman, EmmanuelEconomics and Research
de Vries-van Ewijk, SaskiaFinancial Stability
de Waal, MelanieSupervision Horizontal Functions and Integrity
de Winter, JasperEconomics and Research
Dijk, JustinStatistics
Duijm, PattyEconomics and Research
Galati, GabrieleEconomics and Research
Goy, GavinEconomics and Research
Hindrayanto, IrmaOn-site Supervision and Banking Expertise
Hoeberichts, MarcoEconomics and Research
Houben, AerdtFinancial Markets
Jansen, David-JanFinancial Stability
Jonker, NicolePayments & Market Infrastructures
Kakes, JanFinancial Markets
Kearney, ├ŹdeEconomics and Research
Mavromatis, KostasEconomics and Research
Mink, MarkEconomics and Research
Parlevliet, JanteOn-site Supervision & Banking Expertise
Pick, AndreasEconomics and Research
Samarina, AnnaEconomics and Research
Stanga, IrinaEconomics and Research
Stokman, AdEconomics and Research
Teppa, FedericaEconomics and Research
Van Beveren, IlkeStatistics
van den End, Jan WillemEconomics and Research
van der Cruijsen, CarinEconomics and Research / Payments & Market Infrastructures
van der Horst, FrankCash
van der Veer, KoenStatistics
van Dijk, DorinthEconomics and Research
van Lelyveld, ImanEconomics and Research
van Rooij, MaartenEconomics and Research
Veltrop, DennisEconomics and Research
Verbruggen, JohanEconomics and Research
Vermeulen, RobertFinancial Stability
Vlahu, RazvanEconomics and Research 
Wierts, PeterPayments & Market Infrastructures
Zhou, ChenEconomics and Research