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Peter Wierts

Payment & Market Infrastructures Division
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Short Bio

Peter works in the Payments & Market Infrastructures Division of De Nederlandsche Bank and the Finance Department of VU University. Previously, he worked for the European Commission (DG ECFIN; 2002-2005) and the Dutch Ministry of Finance (1996-2002).


2008 - Ph.D. in Economics, University of Reading (dissertation: Fiscal Rules and Fiscal Outcomes in EMU: Theory and Evidence)
1996 - M.Sc. Economics, University of Groningen.

Research interests

  • Fiscal policy
  • Financial stability

Working papers

The non-bank credit cycle (with Esti Kemp, René van Stralen and Alexandros Vardoulakis), Finance and Economics Discussion Series 2018-076, Washington: Board of Governors of Federal Reserve System, October 2018. Download

Two big distortions: Bank incentives for debt financing (with Jesse Groenewegen), ESRB Working Paper No. 53, August 2017. Download

Effective macroprudential policy: Cross-sector substitution from price and quantity measures (with Janko Cizel, Jon Frost and Aerdt Houben), IMF Working Paper No. 16/94, April 2016. Download

How do expenditure rules affect fiscal behaviour?, DNB Working Paper no. 166, February 2008. Download

The sustainability of euro area debt: a re-assessment, DNB Working Paper no. 134, March 2007. Download

Publications in refereed journals

Janko Cizel, Jon Frost, Aerdt Houben and Peter Wierts (2019), Effective macroprudential policy: Cross-sector substitution from price and quantity measures, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking 51(5), 1209-1235

Patty Duijm and Peter Wierts (2016), The effects of liquidity regulation on bank assets and liabilities, International Journal of Central Banking 12(2), 385-411. Download

Dirk Schoenmaker and Peter Wierts (2016), Macroprudential supervision: from theory to action, National Institute Economic Review 235(1), 50-62. Download

Dirk Schoenmaker and Peter Wierts (2015), Regulating the financial cycle: an integrated approach with a leverage ratio, Economics Letters 136, 70-72. Download

Peter Wierts, Henk van Kerkhoff and Jakob de Haan (2014), Composition of exports and export performance of euro area countries, Journal of Common Market Studies 52(4), 928-941. Download working paper version

Roel Beetsma, Massimo Giuliodori, Mark Walschot and Peter Wierts (2013), Fifty years of fiscal planning and implementation in the Netherlands, European Journal of Political Economy 31, 119–138. Download

Roel Beetsma, Benjamin Bluhm, Massimo Giuliodori and Peter Wierts (2013), From budgetary forecasts to ex-post fiscal data: exploring the evolution of fiscal forecast errors in the EU, Contemporary Economic Policy 31(4), 795–813. Download

Hoogduin, L., B. Öztürk and P. Wierts (2011), Public debt managers' behaviour: Interactions with macro policies, Revue Économique6, 1105-1122. Download

Beetsma, R., M. Giuliodori and P. Wierts (2009), Planning to cheat: EU fiscal policy in real time, Economic Policy 24, 753-804. 

Deroose, S., L. Moulin and P. Wierts (2006), National expenditure rules and expenditure outcomes: Empirical evidence for EU member states, Wirschaftspolitische Blätter

Wierts, P. (2005), Expenditure composition and institutional reform in EU countries: a policy perspective, Presupuesto y Gasto Público 39, 29-48

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Kremers, J.J.M., D. Schoenmaker and P. Wierts (2001), Does Europe need a euro-wide supervisor?, The Financial Regulator 6(3), 50-56

Books and publications in books

Hoogduin, L. and P. Wierts (2012), Thoughts on policies and the policy framework after a financial crisis, in: BIS Papers 65, Threat of Fiscal Dominance?, A BIS/OECD workshop on policy interactions between fiscal policy, monetary policy and government debt management after the financial crisis, 83-90. Download

Wierts, P. (2011), Preferences for fiscal rules of discretion: A case study on Germany and France, in: C. Kastrop, G. Meister-Scheufelen and M. Sudhof (eds.), Die Neuen Schuldregeln im Grundgesetz, Berliner Wissenschafts-Verlag, Berlin.

Brosens, T. and P. Wierts (2009), The surplus factor, in: J. Ayuso, S. Deroose, E. Flores (eds.), Policy Instruments for Sound Fiscal Policies: Fiscal Rules and Institutions, Palgrave Macmillan. Download 

Schotten, G. and P. Wierts (2009), Gasbaten en vermogensbehoud (Natural gas revenues and the preservation of public wealth), in: Jaarboek Overheidsfinanciën 2009, C.A. de Kam and A.P. Ros (eds.), SDU Uitgevers, The Hague. Download

P. Wierts (2008), Fiscal rules and fiscal outcomes in EMU: Theory and Evidence, PhD Thesis, University of Reading. Download

Moulin, L. and P. Wierts (2006), How credible are multiannual budgetary plans in the EU?, in: Fiscal Indicators, Banca d’Italia. Download

P. Wierts, S. Deroose, E. Flores and A. Turrini (eds.) (2006), Fiscal policy surveillance in Europe, Palgrave Macmillan

J.J.M. Kremers, D. Schoenmaker and P. Wierts (eds.) (2003), Financial supervision in Europe, Edward Elgar

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Other publications

Schilperoort, W. and P. Wierts (2013), Illuminating budgetary risks: the role of stress testing, OECD Journal on Budgeting, 12(3), 1-18. 

Houben, A., R. van der Molen and P. Wierts (2012), Making macroprudential policy operational, Revue de Stabilité Financière, 13-25, Banque Centrale du Luxembourg. Download

Schoenmaker, D., and P. Wierts (2011), Macroprudential policy: The need for a coherent policy framework, DSF Policy Paper 13. (A shorter version was published in Central Banking, Quarterly Journal, Volume XXII, No. 1, August 2011) 

Schilperoort, W. and P. Wierts (2010), De conjunctuurgevoeligheid van de Nederlandse begroting (The cyclicality of the Dutch fiscal policy), Economisch Statistische Berichten 95(4590), 458-460.

Wierts, P. and G. Schotten (2008), De Nederlandse gasbaten en het begrotingsbeleid: theorie versus praktijk (Dutch natural gas revenues and fiscal policy: theory versus practice), DNB Occasional Studies 6(5). Download (Download English version)

Wierts, P. and T. Brosens (2007), Begrotingsoverschotten bereiken en vasthouden (How to realise and hold on to government surpluses), Economisch Statistische Berichten 92(4514), 442

Wierts, P. (2005), Overheidsfinanciën: plannen versus uitkomsten (Government finance: plans versus outcomes), Economisch Statistische Berichten 90(4465), 301

Wierts, P. (2004), Kwaliteit van overheidsfinanciën (The quality of government finance), Economisch Statistische Berichten 89(4438), 356

Wierts, P. (2004), Procyclisch begrotingsbeleid (Procyclical budgetary policy), Economisch Statistische Berichten 89(4425), 69

Wierts, P. and D. Schoenmaker (2002), Naar één Europese financiële markt! (Towards a single European market!), Economisch Statistische Berichten 87(4380), 766-768

Wierts, P. and Feitsma, E. (2001), Verbetering doorzichtigheid financiële producten (Improvement of the transparancy of financial products), Bank- en Effectenbedrijf 50, March, 27-29

Wierts, P. and S. G. van der Lecq (1999), Macro-economische beleidscoördinatie (Macro-economic policy coordination), Economisch Statistische Berichten 84(4228), 808-812

Wierts, P. and S. G. van der Lecq (1999), Het nut van onenigheid (The relevance of disagreement), Economisch Statistische Berichten 84(4228), 813


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