Federica Teppa


Federica Teppa

Economics and Research Division
E-mail: Federica Teppa


2003 – Ph.D. Economics, Tilburg University; dissertation: Estimating Preference Parameters in Individual Financial Decision Making
1996 – M.Sc. Economics, University of Torino

Research interests

  • Ageing and Pensions
  • Financial Household Behaviour
  • Consumption and Savings
  • Behavioural Economics

Working papers

Inflation expectations anchoring: new insights from micro-evidence of a survey at high-frequency and of distributions, DNB Working Paper No. 652 (with Nikos Apokoritis, Gabriele Galati and Richhild Moessner), August 2019. Download

The power of percentage: Quantitative framing of pension income, DNB Working Paper No. 578 (with Henriette Prast), December 2017. Download

Heterogeneity in house price dynamics, DNB Working Paper No. 564 (with Gabriele Galati), August 2017. Download

Individual price expectations in a declining-inflation environment: Evidence from survey data (with Malka de Castro Campos), DNB Working Paper No. 508, March 2016. Download

Family, friends and framing: A cross-country study of subjective survival expectations (with Susan Thorp and Hazel Bateman), DNB Working Paper No. 491, December 2015. Download

Publications in refereed journals

Bruine de Bruin, W., W. van der Klaauw, M. van Rooij, F. Teppa, and K. de Vos (2017), Measuring expectations of inflation: Effects of survey mode, wording, and opportunities to revise, Journal of Economic Psychology, 59, 45-58. Download

Bover, O., M. Schürz, J. Slacalek and F. Teppa (2016), Eurosystem household finance and consumption survey: Main results on assets, debt, and saving, International Journal of Central Banking 12(2), 1-13. Download

Blanc, J. le, A. Porpiglia, F. Teppa, J. Zhu and M. Ziegelmeyer (2016), Household saving behaviour in the Euro area, International Journal of Central Banking 12(2), 15-69. Download

van Rooij, M., and F. Teppa (2014), Personal traits and individual choices: Taking action in economic and non-economic decisions, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 100, 33-43. Download

Kapteyn, A., and F. Teppa (2011), Subjective measures of risk aversion, fixed costs, and portfolio choice, Journal of Economic Psychology 32, 564-580. Download

Alessie, R. and F. Teppa (2010), Saving and habit formation: Evidence from Dutch panel data, Empirical Economics 38(2), 385-407. Download

Buetler, M. and F. Teppa (2007), The choice between an annuity and a lump sum: Results from Swiss pension funds, Journal of Public Economics 91, 1944-1966. Download

Kapteyn, A. and F. Teppa (2003), Hypothetical intertemporal consumption choices, Economic Journal 113, 140-152. Download

Publications in books

Fornero E. and F. Teppa (2006), Il risparmio previdenziale: scelte consapevoli o comportamenti inerziali?, in: M. Messori (ed.), La previdenza complementare in Italia, Bologna: Il Mulino, 203-37.

Other publications

Prast, H. and Teppa, F. (2019), Pensioenperceptie: de non-neutraliteit van kwantitatieve communicatie, Tijdschrift voor Pensioenvraagstukken, 21(3), 21-24. Download

Bateman, H. and Teppa, F. (2018), Regulation of information provision for pension choices: Australia and the Netherlands compared, Netspar Academic Discussion Paper 04/2018-026. Download.

Prast, H. and Teppa, F. (2017), Het effect van framing op pensioenperceptie (The effect of framing on pension perceptions), Economisch Statistische Berichten 102(4754), 2-4. Download

De Haan, J., M. Hoebericht, R. Maas and F. Teppa (2016), Inflation in the euro area and why it matters, DNB Occasional Study 14(3). Download

Teppa, F. and Lafourcade, P. (2014), Een flexibelere uitbetaling van pensioenen (A more flexible pension payout), Economisch Statistische Berichten 99(4695), 634-636. Download

Prast, H. and Teppa, F. (2013), Gedragseconomische pensioenoplossingen (Behavioural-economic pension solutions), Economisch Statistische Berichten 98(4660), 312-315. Download

Teppa, F., and C. Vis (2012), The CentERpanel and the DNB Household Survey: Methodological aspects, DNB Occasional Study 10(4). Download 


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