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Kostas Mavromatis

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Short bio

Kostas Mavromatis is a researcher at the Research Department of DNB. Previously he worked as an assistant professor at the University of Amsterdam. He visited the research department of the Central Bank of Cyprus in the summer of 2009. He also visited the research department of the Bank of Greece in the spring of 2017. His research covers the areas of international economics, monetary and fiscal policy interactions and on bounded rationality.


2012: Ph. D Economics, University of Warwick (UK)
2007: M. Sc Economics, University of Warwick (UK)

Research interests

  • International Economics and Finance
  • Monetary Policy
  • Fiscal Policy
  • Models with Bounded Rationality

Working papers

Behavioral learning equilibria in the New Keynesian model (with Cars Hommes, Tolga Ă–zden and Mei Zhu), DNB Working Paper No. 654, September 2019. Download

The Global Macroeconomics of a Trade War. The EAGLE model on the US-China trade conflict (with Wilko Bolt and Sweder van Wijnbergen), DNB Working Paper No. 623, February 2019. Download

Forward Guidance and the Role of Central Bank Credibility under Heterogeneous Beliefs (with Cars Hommes and Gavin Goy), 2016; submitted

Interest Rate Rules, Exchange Market Pressure and Successful Exchange Rate Management (with Franc Klaassen), 2016; Earlier version also in Tinbergen Institute Discussion Papers

Publications in refereed journals

Kostas Mavromatis (2019), Finite horizons and the monetary/fiscal policy mix, International Journal of Central Banking, forthcoming.

Kostas Mavromatis (2018), US Monetary Regimes and Optimal Monetary Policy in the Euro Area, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking 50(7), 1441-1478. Download

Cars Hommes, Joep Lustenhouwer and Kostas Mavromatis (2018), Fiscal consolidations and heterogeneous expectations, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 87, 173-205. Download

Gianna Boero, Kostas Mavromatis and Mark P. Taylor (2015), Real exchange rates and transition economies, Journal of International Money and Finance 56, 23-35. Download

Roel Beetsma and Kostas Mavromatis (2014), An analysis of Eurobonds, Journal of International Money and Finance 45, 91-111. Download

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