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Short bio

Andrea Colciago is a researcher at the Research Department of DNB and Associate Professor at the University of Milan Bicocca. Previously he worked as economist at the Bank of Italy. He visited the research department of the Central Bank of Hungary in 2009 and was a visiting scholar at the research department of the Central Bank of Finland in 2010 and 2011. His research deals with the set up and evaluation of DSGE models of the business cycle.


2007 - Ph.D Economics, University of Milano-Bicocca
2004 - M.Sc Economics, University of Edinburgh

Research interests

  • Firms’ dynamics
  • Monetary economics
  • Labor economics
  • Macroeconomics 

Work in progress

Entry and exit over the business cycle (with Antonella Trigari)

Working papers

Who creates and destroys jobs over the business cycle? (with Volker Lindenthal and Antonella Trigari), DNB Working Paper No. 628, March 2019. Download 

Publications in refereed journals

Andrea Colciago, Anna Samarina and Jakob de Haan (2019), Central bank policies and income and wealth inequality: A survey, Journal of Economic Surveys, forthcoming.          

Guido Ascari, Andrea Colciago and Lorenza Rossi (2017), Determinacy analysis in high order dynamic systems: The case of nominal rigidities and limited asset market participation, Economics Letters, 159, 82-87. Download

Guido Ascari, Andrea Colciago and Lorenza Rossi (2017), Limited asset market participation, sticky wages and monetary policy, Economic Inquiry 55(2), 878–897. Download

Andrea Colciago (2016), Endogenous market structures and optimal taxation, The Economic Journal 126(594), 1441-1483. Download

Andrea Colciago and Lorenza Rossi (2015), Firm Entry, endogenous markups and the dynamics of the labor share of income, Macroeconomic Dynamics 19(6), 1309-1331. Download

Thorsten Beck, Andrea Colciago and Damjan Pfajfar (2014), The role of financial intermediaries in monetary policy transmission, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 43, 1–11. Download

Andrea Colciago (2011), Rule-of-thumb consumers meet sticky wages, Journal of Money Credit and Banking 43(2), 325-353. Download

Andrea Colciago and Federico Etro (2010), Endogenous market structures and the business cycle, The Economic Journal 120, 1201-1233. Download

Andrea Colciago and Federico Etro (2010), Real business cycles with Cournot competition and endogenous entry, Journal of Macroeconomics 32, 1101-1117. Download

Andrea Colciago, Tiziano Ropele, V. Anton Muscatelli and Patrizio Tirelli (2008), The role of fiscal policy in a monetary union: Are national automatic stabilizers effective?, Review of International Economics 16(3), 591-610. Download


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