Gavin Goy


Gavn Goy

Economic and Research Division
Phone +31 20 524 3623
E-mail: Gavin Goy

Short Bio

Gavin is a researcher at the Monetary Policy Department of DNB. He received his PhD from the University of Amsterdam (UvA), which he joined after completing his MPhil program at the Tinbergen Institute. For more information, see his personal page.


  • 2013 – M.Phil in Economics, Tinbergen Institute

Research Interests

  • Macroeconomics
  • Monetary Policy
  • Macro-finance linkages

Work in progress

Country risk premium shocks and capital controls across exchange rate regimes (with Dennis Bonam and Emmanuel de Veirman)

Working Papers

Natural rate chimera and bond pricing reality (with Claus Brand and Wolfgang Lemke), DNB Working Paper No. 666, January 2020.

Publications in refereed journals

Gavin Goy, Cars Hommes and Kostas Mavromatis (2020), Forward guidance and the role of central bank credibility under heterogeneous beliefs, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, forthcoming. Download

Bonam, D. and G. Goy (2019), Home biased expectations and macroeconomic imbalances in a monetary union, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 103, 25-42. Download

Latest update: October 2020