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  • 2014 - Ph.D. Economics, University of Amsterdam (ongoing)
  • 2008 - M.Sc. Economics, University of Amsterdam (cum laude)
  • 2005 – M.Sc. International Relations, University of Amsterdam

Short Bio

Presently, Jante Parlevliet is head of the Business models and Governance department of De Nederlandsche Bank. Previous positions include head of Economy Policy at De Nederlandsche Bank (2017-2020), (senior) economist at De Nederlandsche Bank (2011-2017), policy advisor at the Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands (2008-2011) and economist at the OECD (2007-2008). She holds M.Sc. degrees in Economics and Political Science from the University of Amsterdam, and is conducting a PhD thesis at the Economics faculty of the same university (expected completion 2020).

Current research

Staggered wages, unanticipated shocks and firms’ adjustments (with Francesco Caloia and Mauro Mastrogiacomo)

The micro-foundations of fiscal populism: Evidence from Dutch households (with Massimo Giuliodori and Matthijs Rooduijn)

Does Populism Activate Nativism? (with Matthijs Rooduijn and Bart Bonikowski)

Publications in refereed journals

Hijzen, A., P.S. Martins & J. Parlevliet (2019) Frontal assault versus incremental change: A comparison of collective bargaining in Portugal and the Netherlands, IZA Journal Labor Policy 9(1). Download

Rooduijn, M., van der Brug, W., de Lange, S. & Parlevliet, J. (2017) Persuasive populism? Estimating the effect of populist messages on political cynicism, Politics and Governance 5(4), 136–145. Download

Parlevliet, J. (2017) What drives public acceptance of reforms? Longitudinal evidence from a Dutch pension reform, Public Choice 173(1-2), 1-23. Download

Jütting, J., Parlevliet, J. & T. Xenogiani (2008) Informal employment re-loaded, IDS Bulletin 39(2), May. Download

Publications in books

Haan, J. de & Parlevliet, J. (eds.) (2018) Structural reforms: moving the economy forward, Springer. Download

Other publications

Jante Parlevliet, Matthijs Rooduijn and Rebekka Tselms (2015) Winnaars en verliezers van vrij verkeer van werknemers [Winners and losers of free movement of workers], Economisch-Statistische Berichten, 13 August. Download

Maurice Doll, Jante Parlevliet, Robert Vermeulen and Jasper de Winter (2016) Perspectief op groei [Perspectives on sustainable growth], DNB Occasional Study No. 4. Download

Thomas Kooiman and Jante Parlevliet (2015) Wealth formation of Dutch households: a policy assessment, DNB Occasional Study No. 1. Download

Lars Kroese, Suzanne Kok and Jante Parlevliet (2015) Beleidsonzekerheid in Nederland [Policy uncertainty in the Netherlands], Economisch-Statistische Berichten, 100(4715). Download (Link to the policy uncertainty index for the Netherlands)

Jante Parlevliet and Johan Verbruggen (2015) De Nederlandse en Duitse arbeidsmarkt vergeleken [The Dutch and German labour market compared], Economisch-Statistische Berichten, 100(4701). Download

Niels Gilbert and Jante Parlevliet (2013) Begrotingslessen uit de crisis [Fiscal policy lessons from the crisis], Economisch-Statistische Berichten, 3 May, 4593. Download

Euro Area Labour Markets and the Crisis, ECB Occasional Paper No. 138, October 2012 (with Task Force of the Monetary Policy Committee of the European System of Central Banks). Download

Mihaela Drahos and Jante Parlevliet (2011) Is mededingingsbeperking nodig voor duurzaamheid? Drie case studies uitgelicht [Is competition law impeding sustainability? Three case studies], Markt & Mededinging, 2011/3. Download

Jante Parlevliet (2010) Mededingingswetgeving en duurzame ontwikkeling [Competition law and sustainable growth], Economisch-Statistische Berichten, 95(4593). Download

J. Parlevliet and T. Xenogiani (2008) Report on Informal Employment in Romania, OECD Development Centre Working Paper No. 271. Download

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