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  • In love with the debit card but still married to cash
    Carin van der Cruijsen, Lola Hernandez and Nicole Jonker
    Applied Economics, 2017, 49(30), 2989-3004
  • International banking and cross-border effects of regulation: Lessons from the Netherlands
    Jon Frost, Neeltje van Horen and Jakob de Haan
    International Journal of Central Banking, 2017, 13(S1), 293-313
  • Leading indicators of financial stress: New evidence
    Borek Vašíček, Diana Žigraiová, Marco Hoeberichts, Robert Vermeulen, Katerina Šmídková and Jakob de Haan
    Journal of Financial Stability, 2017, 28, 240-257
  • The impact of natural resources: A survey of recent quantitative evidence
    Frederick van der Ploeg and Steven Poelhekke
    Journal of Development Studies, 2017, 53(2), 205-216
  • Competition and scale economy effects of the Dutch 2006 health care insurance reform
    Jacob Bikker
    Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance - Issues and Practice, 2017, 42, 53–78
  • Do European fiscal rules induce a bias in fiscal forecasts? Evidence from the Stability and Growth Pact
    Niels Gilbert en Jasper de Jong
    Public Choice, 2017, 170(1), 1-32
  • Insurance companies' trading behaviour during the European sovereign debt crisis: Flight home or flight to quality?
    Melle Bijlsma and Robert Vermeulen
    Journal of Financial Stability, 2016, 27, 137–154
  • Granularity, a blessing in disguise: transaction cycles within real-time gross settlement systems
    Tim van Ark and Ronald Heijmans
    Journal of Financial Market Infrastructures, 2016, 5(2), 29-52
  • Consumer cash usage: A cross-country comparison with payment diary survey data
    John Bagnall, David Bounie, Kim Huynh, Anneke Kosse, Tobias Schmidt, Scott Schuh and Helmut Stix
    International Journal of Central Banking, 2016, 12(4), 1-61
  • Demanding occupations and the retirement age in the Netherlands
    Niels Vermeer, Mauro Mastrogiacomo and Arthur van Soest
    Labour Economics, 2016, 43, 159-170
  • Is there Life in the Old Dog Yet? Observations on the political economy and constitutional viability of common debt issuing in the euro area
    Fabian Amtenbrink, René Repasi and Jakob de Haan
    Review of Law and Economics, 2016, 12(3), 605–633
  • Mortgage risk, debt literacy and financial advice
    Raun van Ooijen and Maarten van Rooij
    Journal of Banking and Finance, 2016, 72, 201–217
  • Forecasting and nowcasting economic growth in the euro area using factor models
    Irma Hindrayanto, Siem Jan Koopman and Jasper de Winter
    International Journal of Forecasting, 2016, 32(4), 1284–1305
  • Effectiveness of monetary policy in Sweden
    Richhild Moessner, Jakob de Haan and David-Jan Jansen
    Contemporary Economic Policy, 2016, 34(4), 698-709
  • Decision making in times of Knightian uncertainty: An info-gap perspective
    Yakov Ben-Haim and Maria Demertzis
    Economics, 2016, 10(23), 1-29
136-150 from 600 results