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  • A macroprudential approach to address liquidity risk with the Loan-to-Deposit ratio
    Jan Willem van den End
    The European Journal of Finance, 2016, 22(3), 237-253
  • Market reactions to the ECB's Comprehensive Assessment
    Cenkhan Sahin and Jakob de Haan
    Economics Letters, 2016, 140, 1-5
  • Macroprudential supervision: from theory to action
    Dirk Schoenmaker and Peter Wierts
    National Institute Economic Review, 2016, 235(1), 50-62
  • Statistics of heteroscedastic extremes
    John Einmahl, Laurens de Haan and Chen Zhou
    Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series B, 2016, 78(1), 31–51
  • Credit ratings and bond spreads of the GIIPS
    Tim de Vries and Jakob de Haan
    Applied Economics Letters, 2016, 23(2), 107-111
  • Banks’ liquidity buffers and the role of liquidity regulation
    Clemens Bonner, Iman van Lelyveld and Robert Zymek
    Journal of Financial Services Research, 2015, 48(3), 215-234
  • Supervisory powers and bank risk taking
    Tanveer Shehzad and Jakob de Haan
    Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money, 2015, 39, 15-24
  • An empirical analysis of excess interbank liquidity: A case study of Pakistan
    Muhammad Omer, Jakob de Haan and Bert Scholtens
    Applied Economics, 2015, 47(44), 4754-4776
  • Bank regulation and financial fragility in developing countries: Does bank structure matter?
    Jeroen Klomp and Jakob de Haan
    Review of Development Finance, 2015, 5, 82-90
  • Assessing bank competition for consumer loans
    Wilko Bolt and David Humphrey
    Journal of Banking and Finance, 2015, 61, 127–141
  • How much does the public know about the ECB's monetary policy? Evidence from a survey of Dutch consumers
    Carin van der Cruijsen, David-Jan Jansen and Jakob de Haan
    International Journal of Central Banking, 2015, 11(4), 169-218
  • The endogeneity of exchange rate pass-through: Some European evidence
    Ayako Saiki
    Open Economies Review, 2015, 26(5), 893-909
  • Regulating the financial cycle: an integrated approach with a leverage ratio
    Dirk Schoenmaker and Peter Wierts
    Economics Letters, 2015, 136, 70–72
  • The impact of the global financial crisis on banking globalization
    Stijn Claessens and Neeltje van Horen
    IMF Economic Review, 2015, 63(4), 868-918
  • Shocks abroad, pain at home? Bank-firm level evidence on the international transmission of financial shocks
    Steven Ongena, José-Luis Peydró and Neeltje van Horen
    IMF Economic Review, 2015, 63(4), 698-750
181-195 from 602 results