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  • Location of banks and their credit ratings
    Eric van Loon and Jakob de Haan
    Journal of Risk Finance, 16(3), 220-232
  • Quantitative easing (QE) in the Euro area: An exposition
    Jan Willem van den End, Jakob de Haan and Ide Kearney
    Zeitschrift für Staats- und Europawissenschaften (Journal for Comparative Government and European Policy), 2015, 13(1), 88-99
  • Board diversity: Moving the field forward
    Renée Adams, Jakob de Haan, Siri Terjesen and Hans van Ees
    Corporate Governance: An International Review, 2015, 23(2), 77-82
  • Estimation of the marginal expected shortfall: the mean when a related variable is extreme
    Juan-Juan Cai, John Einmahl, Laurens de Haan and Chen Zhou
    Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series B, 2015, 77(2), 417–442
  • Measuring stock market contagion: local or common currency returns?
    Mark Mink
    Emerging Markets Review, 2015, 22, 18-24
  • Trade, trust and the rule of law
    Shu Yu, Sjoerd Beugelsdijk and Jakob de Haan
    European Journal of Political Economy, 2015, 37, 102-115
  • Identifying banking crises using money market pressure: New evidence for a large set of countries
    Zhongbo Jing, Jakob de Haan, Jan Jacobs and Haizhen Yang
    Journal of Macroeconomics, 2015, 43, 1-20
  • A multiplex network analysis of the Mexican banking system: link persistence, overlap, and waiting times
    José-Luis Molina-Borboa, Serafin Martinez-Jaramillo, Fabrizio López-Gallo and Marco van der Leij
    The Journal of Network Theory in Finance, 2015, 1(1), 99-138
  • Evaluating the IMF’s performance in the financial crisis
    Bill Allen and Richhild Moessner
    Central Banking Journal, 2015, 25(3), 33-35
  • The cyclicality of automatic and discretionary fiscal policy: What can real-time data tell us?
    Kerstin Bernoth, Andrew Hughes Hallet and John Lewis
    Macroeconomic Dynamics, 2015, 19(1), 221-243
  • Financial crises and the dismissal of central bank governors: New evidence
    I Kadek Dian Sutrisna Artha and Jakob de Haan
    International Journal of Finance and Economics, 2015, 20, 80-95
  • Financial integration in the euro area: Pro-cyclical effects and economic convergence
    Saskia van Ewijk and Ivo Arnold
    Economic Modelling, 2015, 44, 335–342
  • Does unconventional monetary policy affect inequality? Evidence from Japan
    Ayako Saiki and Jon Frost
    Applied Economics, 2014, 46(36), 4445-4454
  • Diagnosing the distribution of GARCH innovations
    Pengfei Sun and Chen Zhou
    Journal of Empirical Finance, 2014, 29, 287–303
  • Rethinking financial stability: Challenges arising from financial networks’ modular scale-free architecture
    Carlos León and Ron Berndsen
    Journal of Financial Stability, 2014, 15, 241–256
226-240 from 610 results