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  • Does mortgage lending impact business credit? Evidence from a new disaggregated bank credit data set
    Dirk Bezemer, Anna Samarina and Lu Zhang
    Journal of Banking and Finance, 2020, 113, 105760
  • Is fiscal policy in the euro area Ricardian?
    Nikki Panjer, Leo de Haan and Jan Jacobs
    Empirica, 2020, 47, 411-429
  • Does modeling a structural break improve forecast accuracy?
    Tom Boot and Andeas Pick
    Journal of Econometrics, 2020, 215(1), 35-59
  • Consumption uncertainty and precautionary saving
    Dimitris Christelis, Dimitris Georgarakos, Tullio Jappelli and Maarten van Rooij
    Review of Economics and Statistics, 2020, 102(1), 148-161
  • Near real-time monitoring in real-time gross settlements systems: A traffic light approach
    Ron Berndsen en Ronald Heijmans
    Journal of Risk, 2020, 22(3), 39-64
  • How does government control affect firm value? New evidence for China
    Marzieh Abolhassani, Zhi Wang and Jakob de Haan
    Kyklos, 2020, 73(1), 3-21
  • Payments data: do consumers want banks to keep them in a safe or turn them into gold?
    Carin van der Cruijsen
    Applied Economics 2020, 52(6), 609-622.
  • Bank switching and interest rates: Examining annual transfers between savings accounts
    Dirk Gerritsen and Jaap Bikker
    Journal of Financial Services Research, 2020, 57(1), 29-49
  • Effective macroprudential policy: Cross-sector substitution from price and quantity measures
    Janko Cizel, Jon Frost, Aerdt Houben and Peter Wierts
    Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 2019, 51(5), 1209-1235
  • Asymmetric consumption effects of transitory income shocks
    Dimitris Christelis, Dimitris Georgarakos, Tullio Jappelli, Luigi Pistaferri and Maarten van Rooij
    The Economic Journal, 2019, 129(622), 2322-2341
  • OLS and IV estimation of regression models including endogenous interaction terms
    Maurice Bun and Teresa Harrison
    Econometric Reviews 2019, 38(7), 814-827
  • Life cycle assessment of cash payments in the Netherlands
    Randall Hanegraaf, Atakan Larcin, Nicole Jonker, Steven Mandley and Jelle Miedema
    International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, 2020, 25, 120–140
  • Animal spirits and household spending in Europe and the US
    Bahar Özturk and Ad Stokman
    Economics Letters, 2019, 185, 108697
  • Financial structure and macroeconomic volatility: a panel data analysis
    Emiel van Bezooijen and Jacob Bikker
    International Journal of Economics and Finance, 2019, 11(12)
  • Trend-cycle-seasonal interactions: identification and estimation
    Irma Hindrayanto, Jan Jacobs, Denise Osborn and Jing Tian
    Macroeconomic Dynamics, 2019, 23(8), 3163-3188
16-30 from 613 results