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  • A summary of payment card economics
    Bolt, W. and S. Chakravorti
    The Lydian Payments Journal, 2009, 1(1), 13-24
  • Un panorama sobre la literatura de las tarjetos de pago
    Bolt, W. and S. Chakravorti
    Perspectivas del Sistema Financiero, 2009, 97(1), pp. 1-13
  • Planning to cheat: EU fiscal policy in real time
    Beetsma, R., M. Giuliodori and P. Wierts
    Economic Policy, 2009, 24(60), 753-804
  • Do financial conglomerates create or destroy value?
    Iman van Lelyveld and Klaas Knot
    Evidence for the EU, Journal of Banking and Finance, 2009, 33(12), 2312-2321
  • FDI and the relevance of spatial linkages: Do third country effects matter for Dutch FDI?
    Garretsen, J.H. and J.J.W. Peeters
    Review of World Economics, 2009, 145(2), 319-338
  • Gender pairing and bargaining – Beware the same sex!
    Matthias Sutter, Ronald Bosman, Martin Kocher and Frans van Winden
    Experimental Economics, 2009, 12, 318-331
  • Stress testing: The link between macro and micro (Introduction to special issue on stress testing)
    Van Lelyveld, I.P.P.
    International Journal of Central Banking, 2009, 5(3), 1-7
  • Foreign Direct Investment and Urban Concentrations: Unbundling Spatial Lags
    Poelhekke, S. and F. van der Ploeg
    Journal of Regional Science, 2009, 49(4), 749-775
  • Europeanization or globalization? Transnational wage bargaining and the distribution of activity in European labor markets
    Demertzis, M., A. Hughes Hallett and N. Schermer
    North American Journal of Economics and Finance, 2009, 20(2), 177-192
  • Volatility and the natural resource curse
    Ploeg, F. van der and S. Poelhekke
    Oxford Economic Papers, 2009, 61(4), 727-760
  • Has ECB communication been helpful in predicting interest rate decisions? An evaluation of the early years of the Economic and Monetary Union
    Jansen, D. and J. De Haan
    Applied Economics, 2009, 41(16), 1995-2003
  • International financial integration through the law of one price: The role of liquidity and capital controls
    Levy Yeyati , E., S. Schmukler and N. Van Horen
    Journal of Financial Intermediation, 2009, 18(3), 432-463
  • Non-linear target adjustment in corporate liquidity management: an endogenous thresholds approach
    Bruinshoofd, W.A. and C.J.M. Kool
    Applied Economics, 2009, 41(17), 2125-2131
  • Price stability and volatility in markets with positive and negative expectations feedback: An experimental investigation
    Heemeijer, P., C.H. Hommes, J.H. Sonnemans, and J. Tuinstra
    Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 2009, 33(5), 1052-1072
  • Central bank communication and output stabilization
    Eijffinger, S., M.M. Hoeberichts and M. Tesfaselassie
    Oxford Economic Papers, 2009, 61(2), 395-411
451-465 from 580 results