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  • Does globalisation discipline monetary policymakers?
    Cavelaars, P.A.D.
    Journal of International Money and Finance, 2009, 28(3), 392-405
  • A short history of price level convergence in Europe
    Stokman, A.C.J. and R. Faber
    Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 2009, 41(2-3), 461-477
  • The euro as a reserve currency: A challenge to the pre-eminence of the US dollar?
    Gabriele Galati and Philip Wooldridge
    International Journal of Finance & Economics, 2009, 14(1), 1-23
  • Size matters: Economics of scale in European payments processing
    Beijnen, C. and W. Bolt
    Journal of Banking and Finance, 2009, 33(2), 203-210.
  • Operating costs of pension funds: The impact of scale, governance and plan design
    Bikker, J.A. and J. De Dreu
    Journal of Pension Economics and Finance, 2009, 8(01), 63-89
  • The trade-off between central bank independence and conservatism in a New Keynesian framework
    Eijffinger, S. and M.M. Hoeberichts
    European Journal of Political Economy, 2008, 24(4), 742-747
  • The effect of shortfall as a risk measure for portfolios with hedge funds
    Lucas, A. and A.H.Siegmann
    Journal of Business, Finance and Accounting, 2008, 23(1-2), 200-226
  • Short-term forecasting of GDP using large monthly datasets: A pseudo real-time forecast evaluation exercise
    Den Reijer, A.
    Journal of Forecasting
  • Taylor rules for the ECB using consensus data
    De Haan, J., J. Gorter and J. Jacobs
    The Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 2008, 110, 473-488
  • Pensions in a perfect storm: Financial behaviour of Dutch pension funds (2002-2005)
    Kakes, J.I.
    Applied Financial Economics Letters, 2008, 4(1), 29-33
  • Further evidence on the rationality of interest rate expectations
    Jongen, R. and Verschoor, W.F.C.
    Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, 2008, 18(5), 438-488
  • Forecasting market impact costs and identifying expensive trades
    Bikker, J.A., L. Spierdijk, R.P.M.M. Hoevenaars and P.J. Van Der Sluis
    Journal of Forecasting, 2008, 27, 21-39
  • Globalization and the rise of mega-cities in the developing world
    Ploeg, F. van der and S. Poelhekke
    Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society, 2008, 1(3), 477-501
  • Foreign exchange rate expectations: Survey and synthesis
    Jongen, R., Verschoor, W.F.C. and Wolff, C.C.P.
    Journal of Economic Surveys, 2008, 22(1), 140-165
  • On wage formation, wage development and flexibility: A comparison between European countries and the United States, 2008
    Den Reijer, A.H.J. and H.M.M. Peeters
    Applied Econometrics and International Development 8(1), 59-74
466-480 from 580 results