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  • Explicit and implicit targets in open economies, 2008
    Sgherri, S.
    Applied Economics, 40(8), pp. 969-980
  • Central bank communication and monetary policy: A survey of theory and evidence
    Blinder A.S., J. De Haan, D.M. Ehrmann, M. Fratzscher and D. Jansen
    Journal of Economic Literature, 2008, 46(4), 908-943
  • The trade-off between central bank independence and conservatism in a New Keynesian framework
    Eijffinger, S. and M.M. Hoeberichts
    European Journal of Political Economy, 2008, 24(4), 742-747
  • Portfolio modelling of counterparty reinsurance default risk
    Peter ter Berg
    Life & Pensions, April 2008, 29-33.
  • Heavily skewed pricing in two-sided markets
    W. Bolt and A.F. Tieman
    International Journal of Industrial Organization, 2008, 26(5), 1250-1255
  • Supervising cross-border banks in Europe
    A.C.F.J. Houben, I.P. Schrijvers and T. Willems
    Journal of Banking Regulation, 2008, 9(4), 227–246
  • Fool the markets: Creative accounting, fiscal transparency and sovereign risk premia
    Bernoth, K. and G.B. Wolff
    Scottish Journal of Political Economy, 2008, 55(4), 465-487
  • Asymmetric Information and rational expectations: When is it right to be 'wrong'?
    Demertzis, M. and A. Hughes Hallett
    Journal of International Money and Finance, 2008, 27(8), 1407-1419
  • The US trade deficit, the decline of the WTO and the rise of regionalism
    Agur, I.
    Global Economy Journal, 2008, 8(3), 4th article
  • The Maastricht inflation criterion: What is the effect of EU enlargement?
    Lewis, J.M. and K. Staehr
    Journal of Common Market Studies, 2008, 48(3), 687-708
  • European fiscal policy before and after EMU: Permanent weight loss or crash diet?
    Hughes Hallett, A. and J.M. Lewis
    Macroeconomic Dynamics, 2008, 12(3), 404-424
  • The impact of newspapers on consumer confidence: Does spin bias exist?
    Alsem, K.J., S. Brakman, L.H. Hoogduin and G. Kuper
    Applied Economics, 2008, 40(5), 531-539
  • Market valuation, pension fund policy and contribution volatility
    van Rooij, M.C.J., A.H. Siegmann, and P.J.G. Vlaar
    De Economist, 2008, 156(1), 73-93
  • Reducing payment processing costs: Scale economies and SEPA
    Bolt, W. and D. Humphrey
    Journal of Payments Strategy & Systems, 2008, 2(3), 250-258
  • How committees of experts interact with the outside world: Some theory and evidence from the FOMC
    Swank, J.,O.H. Swank and B. Visser
    Journal of the European Economic Association, 2008, 6(2-3), 478-486
481-495 from 580 results