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  • Emerging market liquidity and crises
    Levy Yeyati, E., S. Schmukler and N. Van Horen
    Journal of the European Economic Association, 2008, 6(2-3), 668-682
  • Inside the impossible triangle: Monetary policy autonomy in a credible target zone
    Jansen, W.J.
    Contemporary Economic Policy, 2008, 26(2), 216-228
  • Inflation targets as focal points
    Demertzis, M. and N. Viegi
    International Journal of Central Banking, 2008, 4(1), 55-87
  • What do current account reversals in OECD countries tell us about the US case?
    De Haan, L., H.G. Schokker and A. Tcherneva
    World Economy, 2008, 31(2), 286-311
  • The effect of transaction pricing on the adoption of electronic payments: A cross-country comparison
    Bolt, W., D. Humphrey and R. Uittenbogaard
    International Journal of Central Banking, 2008, 4(1), 89-123
  • GDP growth and currency valuation: The case of the dollar
    Vlaar, P.J.G.
    Journal of International Money and Finance, 2008, 26, 1424-1449
  • Competition and efficiency in the Dutch life insurance industry
    Bikker, J.A. and M. Van Leuvensteijn
    Applied Economics, 2008, 40, 2063-2084
  • Central bank transparancy in theory and practice
    Demertzis, M. and A. Hughes Hallett
    Journal of Macroeconomics, 2007, 29(4), 760-789
  • Conditional indexation in defined benefit pension plans in the Netherlands
    Bikker, J.A. and P.J.G. Vlaar
    The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance – Issues and practice, 2007, 34, 494-515
  • Fiscal policy in Central and Eastern Europe: What happened in the run-up to EU accession?
    Lewis, J.M.
    International Economics and Economic Policy, 2007, 4(1), 15-31
  • Is bank capital pro-cyclical? A cross-country analysis
    Bikker, J.A. and P.A.J. Metzemakers
    Kredit und Kapital, 2007, 40, 225-264
  • Market impact costs of institutional equity trades
    Bikker, J.A., L. Spierdijk and P.J. Van Der Sluis
    Journal of International Money and Finance, 2007, 26, 974-1000
  • Rational reconstruction of frailty-based mortality models by a generalisation of Gompertz´ law of mortality
    Willemse, W.J. and R. Kaas
    Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, 2007, 40(3), 468-484
  • The cost of increasing transparency
    Demertzis, M. and M.M. Hoeberichts
    Open Economies Review, 2007, 18, 263-280
496-510 from 580 results