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  • Payment scale economies and the replacement of cash and stored value cards
    Bolt, W.
    Review of Network Economics, 2007, 6(4), 453-473.
  • Payment instruments as perceived by consumers: Results from a household survey
    Jonker, N.
    De Economist, 2007, 155(3), 271-303
  • Stress testing: The new supervisory vogue
    Lechkar, M. and I.P.P. Van Lelyveld
    The Financial Regulator, 2007, 65-70
  • Deviation cycles in manufacturing: Business cycle measurement and leading indicators
    Den Reijer, A.H.J.
    Journal of Business Cycle Measurement and Analysis, 2007, 3(1), 43-77
  • Microeconomic uncertainty and macroeconomic indeterminacy
    Fagnart, J.F., O.C.J. Pierrard and H.R. Sneessens
    European Economic Review, 2007, 51(6), 1564-1588
  • Debt, deficits and accession of new member states to the euro
    Lewis, J.M.
    European Journal of Political Economy, 2007, 23(2), 316-337
  • Market timing and capital structure: Evidence for Dutch firms
    De Bie, T. and L. De Haan
    De Economist, 2007, 155(2), 183-206
  • Dealing with uncertainty: Robust rules in monetary policy
    Demertzis, M. and A. Tieman
    Scottish Journal of Political Economy, 2007, 54(2), 295-307
  • Econometric issues in the analysis of contagion
    Pesaran, M.H. and A. Pick
    Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 2007, 31(4), 1245-1277
  • Risk return preferences in the pension domain: Are people able to choose?
    Maarten van Rooij, Clemens Kool and Henriette Prast
    Journal of Public Economics, 2007, 91(3-4), 701-722
  • Retail payments and card use in the Netherlands: Pricing, scale, and antitrust
    Bolt, W.
    Competition Policy International, 2007, 3(1), 156-165
  • Were verbal efforts to support the euro effective? A high-frequency analysis of ECB statements
    De Haan, J. and D. Jansen
    European Journal of Political Economy, 2007, 23(1), 245-259
  • The impact of central bank transparency on inflation expectations
    Van der Cruijsen, C.A.B. and M. Demertzis
    European Journal of Political Economy, 2007, 23(1), 51-66
  • Does stock market uncertainty impair the use of monetary indicators in the euro area?
    Berben, R.P.
    Applied Economics, 2007, 30, 13-23
511-525 from 580 results