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  • The impact of government debt on private consumption in OECD countries
    Berben, R.P. and T. Brosens
    Economics Letters, 2007, 94, 220-225
  • Dual track or academic route for auditors, does it matter?
    Hartog, J., N. Jonker and H. Van Ophem
    Applied Economics, 2006, 38(9), 1019-1035
  • Corporate investment and financing constraints: Connections with cash management
    Bruinshoofd, W.A.
    Kredit und Kapital, 2006, 39(3), 455-483
  • Dutch GDP data revisions: Are they predictable and where do they come from?
    Den Reijer, A.H.J. and O. Roodenburg
    Applied Economics Quarterly, 2006, 52(4), 337-356
  • Exploring group decision making in a power-to-take video experiment
    Bosman, R.A.J., H. Hennig-Schmidt and F. Van Winden
    Experimental Economics, 2006, 9, 35-51
  • Foreign banks in transition countries: To whom do they lend and how are they fnanced?
    De Haas, R.T.A.
    Financial Markets, Institutions & Instruments, 2006, 4(15), 159-199
  • International rent sharing and domestic labour markets
    Jansen, W.J. and A.C.J. Stokman
    Review of World Economics, 2006, 142(4), 792-813
  • Price changes in the euro area and the United States: Some facts from individual consumer price data
    Dhyne, E., L.J. Alvarez, H. Le Bihan, G. Veronese, D. Dias, J. Hoffmann, N. Jonker, P. Lünneman, F. Rumler and J. Vilmunen
    Journal of Economic Perspectives, 2006, 20(2), 171-192
  • The output and price effects of enhancing services-sector competition in a large open economy
    Cavelaars, P.A.D.
    European Economic Review, 2006, 50, 1131-1149
  • The role of expectations in monetary policy
    Demertzis, M.
    International Finance, 2006, 9(3), 393-412
  • Are there political budget cycles in the euro area?
    Mark Mink and Jakob de Haan
    European Union Politics, 2006, 7(2), 191-211
  • Retail payments in the Netherlands: Facts and theory
    Bolt, W.
    De Economist, 2006, 154, 345-372
  • Dutch households’ perceptions of economic growth and inflation
    Christensen, C., P.J.A. Van Els and M.C.J. Van Rooij
    De Economist, 2006, 154(2), 277-294
  • What firms' surveys tell us about price-setting behaviour in the euro area
    Fabiani, S., M. Druant, I. Hernando, C. Kwapil, B. Landau, C. Loupias, F. Martins, T.Y. Mathä, R. Sabbatini, H. Stahl and A.C..J. Stokman
    International Journal of Central Banking, 2006, 2(3), 3-47
  • European banking consolidation: effects on competition, profitability and efficiency
    De Haan, J. and D. Jansen
    Journal of Financial Transformation, 2006, 17, 61-72
526-540 from 580 results