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  • Look who’s talking: ECB communication during the first years of EMU
    De Haan, J. and D. Jansen
    International Journal of Finance and Economics, 2006, 11(3), 219-228
  • Foreign banks and credit stability in central and eastern Europe: A panel data analysis
    De Haas, R.T.A. and I.P.P. Van Lelyveld
    Journal of Banking and Finance, 2006, 30(7), pp. 1927-1952
  • The impact of monetary policy on the financing behaviour of firms in the euro area and the UK
    De Haan, L. and E. Sterken
    European Journal of Finance, 2006, 12(5), 401-420
  • Interbank contagion in the Dutch banking sector
    I.P.P. van Lelyveld and F.R. Liedorp
    International Journal of Central Banking, 2006, 3(2), 1-35
  • The dynamic adjustment towards target capital structures of firms in transition economies
    Ralph de Haas and Marga Peeters
    The Economics of Transition, 2006, 14(1), 133-169
  • Bank efficiency: The role of bank strategy and local market conditions
    Bos, J.W.B. and C.J.M. Kool
    Journal of Banking & Finance, 2006, 30(7), 1953-1974
  • Sticky prices in the euro area: A summary of new micro evidence
    Álvarez, L.J., E. Dhyne, M. Hoeberichts, C. Kwapil, H. Le Bihan, P. Lünnemann, F. Martins, R. Sabbatini, H. Stahl, P. Vermeulen and J. Vilmunen
    Journal of the European Economic Association, 2006, 4(2-3), 575-584
  • Forecasting inflation: An art as well as a Science!
    Den Reijer, A.H.J. and P.J.G. Vlaar
    De Economist, 2006, 154(1), pp. 19-40
  • The changing face of central banking: Evolutionary trends since World War II
    Van Der Cruijsen, C.A.B.
    De Economist, 2006, 154(1), 126-128
  • Why the world should love the euro: The welfare implications of EMU for third countries
    Cavelaars, P.A.D.
    Journal of Macroeconomics, 2006, 28, 326-337
  • Social welfare and cost recovery in two-sided markets
    Bolt, W. and A.F. Tieman
    Review of Network Economics, 2006, 5, 103-117
  • Large bank efficiency in Europe and the United States: Are there economic motivations for geographic expansion in financial services?
    Jaap W.B. Bos and James W. Kolari
    The Journal of Business, 2005, 78(4), 1555-1592
  • Financial behaviour of Dutch households: analysis of the DNB Household Survey
    van Els, P.J.A, W.A. van den End, and M.C.J. van Rooij
    In: Investigating the relationship between the financial and real economy, BIS Papers, 2005, 22, 1-40
  • Investor reactions to news: A cognitive dissonance analysis of the euro-US dollar exchange rate
    Henriette Prast and Marc de Vor
    European Journal of Political Economy, 2005, 21(1), 115-141
  • Corporate culture of central banks: Lessons from the past
    Joke Mooij
    The Journal of European Economic History, 2005, 11-42
541-555 from 580 results