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  • Bashing and supporting central banks: the Bundesbank and the European Central Bank
    Philip Maier and Saskia Bezoen
    European Journal of Political Economy, 2004, 20(4), 923-939
  • Foreign bank penetration and private sector credit in central and eastern Europe
    Ralph de Haas and Iman van Lelyveld
    Journal of Emerging Market Finance, 2004, 3(2), 125-152
  • Pensions and public opinion: a survey among Dutch households,
    Peter van Els, Jan Willem van den End and Maarten van Rooij
    De Economist, 2004, 152(1), 101-116
  • Do stock prices affect house prices? Evidence for the Netherlands
    Jan Kakes and Jan Willem van den End
    Applied Economics Letters, 2004, 11, 741-744
  • Why has the Stability and Growth Pact failed?
    Jakob de Haan, Helge Berger and David Jan Jansen
    International Finance, 2004, 7(2), 235-260
  • Comments on 'Active monetary policy, passive fiscal policy and the value of public debt: Some further monetarist arithmetic'
    Marco Hoeberichts
    Journal of Macroeconomics, 2004, 26, 253-255
  • An independent central bank faced with elected governments: A political economy conflict
    Maria Demertzis, Andrew Hughes Hallett and Nicola Viegi
    European Journal of Political Economy, 2004, 20(4), 907-922
  • Central bank independence: Low inflation at no cost? Some numerical simulations
    Maria Demertzis
    Journal of Macroeconomics, 2004, 26(4), 661-677
  • Convergence of price levels: lessons from the German re-unification
    Philipp Maier and Paul Cavelaars
    Journal of Comparative Economics, 2004, 32, 467-481
  • Banking competition, risk, and regulation
    Wilko Bolt and Xander Tieman
    Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 2004, 106, 783-804
  • Exchange rate pass-through in the Netherlands: has it changed?
    Robert Paul Berben
    Applied Economics Letters, 2004, 11, 141-144
601-611 from 611 results