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  • Diminishing returns of QE from portfolio rebalancing
    Jan Willem van den End
    The Journal of Investing, 2018, 27(4), 106-111
  • Residential real estate market liquidity in Amsterdam
    Dorinth van Dijk
    Real Estate Research Quarterly, 2018, October, 5-10
  • Does the media help the general public in understanding inflation?
    David-Jan Jansen and Matthias Neuenkirch
    Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 2018, 80(6), 1185-1212
  • Cyclical patterns in risk indicators based on financial market infrastructure transaction data
    Monique Timmermans, Ronald Heijmans and Hennie Daniels
    Quantitative Finance and Economics, 2018, 2(3), 615-636.
  • Recovery measures of underfunded pension funds: Higher contributions, no indexation, or pension cuts?
    Leo de Haan
    Journal of Pension Economics and Finance, 2018, 17(4), 437-468
  • Discussion on "Human life is unlimited but short"
    Holger Rootzén, Dmitrii Zholud and Chen Zhou
    Extemes, 2018, 21(3), 405-410
  • Can successful fiscal adjustments only be achieved by spending cuts?
    Rasmus Wiese, Richard Jong-A-Pin and Jakob de Haan
    European Journal of Political Economy, 2018, 45, 145-166
  • What do we know about the effectiveness of macroprudential policy?
    Gabriele Galati and Richhild Moessner
    Economica, 2018, 85(340), 735-770
  • X-efficiency and economies of scale in pension fund administration and investment
    Gosse Alserda, Jacob Bikker and Sietske van der Lecq
    Applied Economics, 2018, 50(48), 5164-5188
  • The propagation of financial turbulence: Interdependence, spillovers, and direct and indirect effects
    Zhongbo Jing, Paul Elhorst, Jan Jacobs and Jakob de Haan
    Empirical Economics, 2018, 55, 169-192
  • A descriptive model of banking and aggregate demand
    Jochen Mierau and Mark Mink
    De Economist, 2018, 166, 207-237
  • Learning dynamics in the formation of European inflation expectations
    Christina Bräuning and Carin van der Cruijsen
    Journal of Forecasting, 2018, 38(2), 122-135.
  • Public capital in the 21st century: as productive as ever?
    Marien Ferdinandusse, Josip Funda and Jasper de Jong
    Applied Economics, 2018, 50(51), 5543-5560
  • Short-termism of long-term investors? The investment behaviour of Dutch insurance companies and pension funds
    Patty Duijm and Sophie Steins Bisschop
    Applied Economics, 2018, 50(31), 3376-3387
  • Central bank independence before and after the crisis
    Jakob de Haan, Christina Bodea, Raymond Hicks and Sylvester Eijffinger
    Comparative Economic Studies, 2018, 60(2), 182-202
61-75 from 613 results