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  • Credit cycle coherence in the Eurozone: Was there a euro effect?
    Anna Samarina, Lu Zhang and Dirk Bezemer
    Journal of International Money and Finance, 2017, 77, 77-98
  • Introduction to retail payments: Mapping out the road ahead
    Wilko Bolt and Loretta Mester
    Journal of Financial Services Research, 2017, 52(1–2), 1–3
  • What drives public acceptance of reforms? Longitudinal evidence from a Dutch pension reform
    Jante Parlevliet
    Public Choice, 2017, 173(1–2), 1–23
  • Banking products: You can take them with you, so why don't you?
    Carin van der Cruijsen and Maaike Diepstraten
    Journal of Financial Services Research, 2017, 52(1–2), 123–154
  • Did a public campaign influence debit card usage? Evidence from the Netherlands
    Nicole Jonker, Mirjam Plooij and Johan Verburg
    Journal of Financial Services Research 2017, 52(1–2), 89–121
  • Heterogeneity in labour supply responses: Evidence from a major tax reform
    Mauro Mastrogiacomo, Nicole Bosch, Miriam Gielen and Egbert Jongen
    Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 2017, 79(5), 769–796
  • Determinacy analysis in high order dynamic systems: The case of nominal rigidities and limited asset market participation
    Guido Ascari, Andrea Colciago and Lorenza Rossi
    Economics Letters, 2017, 159, 82-87
  • Enhanced capital-asset pricing model for bipartite financial networks reconstruction
    Tiziano Squartini, Assaf Almog, Guido Caldarelli, Iman van Lelyveld, Diego Garlaschelli and Giulio Cimini
    Physical Review E, 2017, 96(3)
  • Lenders on the storm of wholesale funding shocks: Saved by the central bank?
    Leo de Haan, Jan Willem van den End and Philip Vermeulen
    Applied Economics, 2017, 49(46), 4679-4703
  • Acceptance and use of payments at the point of sale in Canada
    Ben Fung, Kim Huynh and Anneke Kosse
    Bank of Canada Review, Autumn 2017, 14-26
  • Communication about future policy rates in theory and practice: A Survey
    Richhild Moessner, David-Jan Jansen and Jakob de Haan
    Journal of Economic Surveys, 2017, 31(3), 678–711
  • Understanding bank-run contagion
    Martin Brown, Stefan Trautmann and Razvan Vlahu
    Management Science, 2017, 63(7), 2272-2282
  • Entrepreneurship, risk perception and firm performance
    Martijn Boermans and Daan Willebrands
    International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business, 2017, 31(4), 557 - 569
  • Institutional reforms of EMU since the crisis: An assessment in view of recent DNB research
    Jakob de Haan and Patrick Kosterink
    Journal for comparative Government and European policy, 2017, 15(1), 70-83
  • From mine to coast: transport infrastructure and the direction of trade in developing countries
    Roberto Bonfatti and Steven Poelhekke
    Journal of Development Economics, 2017, 127, 91-108
91-105 from 579 results