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  • Fiscal consolidations and heterogeneous expectations
    Cars Hommes, Joep Lustenhouwer and Kostas Mavromatis
    Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 2018, 87, 173-205
  • Timing of banks' loan loss provisioning during the crisis
    Leo de Haan and Maarten van Oordt
    Journal of Banking and Finance, 2018, 87, 293-303
  • The impact of higher fixed pay and lower bonuses on productivity
    Maurice Bun and Leo Huberts
    Journal of Labor Research, 39(1), 1-21.
  • The relationship between tenure and outside director task involvement: A social identity perspective
    Dennis Veltrop, Eric Molleman, Reggy Hooghiemstra and Hans van Ees
    Journal of Management, 2018, 44(2), 445-469
  • Does the clarity of monetary policy reports reduce volatility in financial markets?
    Aleš Bulíř, Martin Cihák and David-Jan Jansen
    Czech Journal of Economics and Finance, 2018, 68(1), 2-17
  • Bank profitability and risk-taking under low interest rates
    Jacob Bikker and Tobias Vervliet
    International Journal of Finance and Economics, 2018, 23(1), 3–18
  • Cyclical behavior of international fund flows
    Suxhiao Li, Jakob de Haan and Bert Scholtens
    Research in International Business and Finance, 2018, 43, 99-112
  • Determinants of the real impact of banking crises: A review and new evidence
    Philip Wilms, Job Swank and Jakob de Haan
    North American Journal of Economics and Finance, 2018, 43, 54-70
  • When arm’s length is too far: Relationship banking over the credit cycle
    Thorsten Beck, Hans Degryse, Ralph de Haas and Neeltje van Horen
    Journal of Financial Economics, 2018, 127(1), 174-196
  • Cash remains top-of-wallet! International evidence from payment diaries
    Carlos Arango-Arango, Yassine Bouhdaoui, David Bounie, Martina Eschelbach and Lola Hernandez
    Economic Modelling, 2018, 69, 38-48
  • US monetary regimes and optimal monetary policy in the Euro Area
    Kostas Mavromatis
    Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 2018, vol. 50, No. 7, pp 1441-1478.
  • Discussion on "Elicitability and backtesting: Perspectives for banking regulation"
    Chen Zhou
    Annals of Applied Statistics, 2017, 11(4), 1888-1893
  • Disruptions in large value payment systems: An experimental approach
    Klaus Abbink, Ronald Bosman, Ronald Heijmans and Frans van Winden
    International Journal of Central Banking, 2017, 13(4), 63-95
  • Persuasive populism? Estimating the effect of populist messages on political cynicism
    Matthijs Rooduijn, Wouter van der Brug, Sarah de Lange and Jante Parlevliet
    Politics and Governance, 2017, 5(4), 136–145
  • Finance and income inequality: A review and new evidence
    Jakob de Haan and Jan-Egbert Sturm
    European Journal of Political Economy, 2017, 50, 171- 195
91-105 from 601 results