Financial Stability and Financial Crises: Theory and Policy



Thursday, 30 October 2008

Session I: Financial crises, economic activity and fluctations

Chair         : Job Swank, Director of Economics and Research Division
Speaker     : Tor Jacobson, Rikard Kindell, Jesper Lindé and Kasper Roszbach* (Riksbank),
'Firm default and Aggregate Fluctuations'
Dicsussants: Inês Drumond (CEMPRE and Universidado de Porto), Cees Ullersma (DNB)

Speaker     : Kerstin Bernoth* (DNB) and Andreas Pick,
'Forecasting Financial Stability in the Banking and Insurance Sector'                   
Discussants: Martin Summer (OeNB), Clemens Kool (Utrecht School of Economics)

Session II: Financial stability and monetary policy

Chair         : Henk Brouwer, Executive Director, De Nederlandsche Bank
Speaker     : Gabriel Jiménez, Steven Ongena* (Tilburg University), José Luis Peydró and Jesús Saurina,
'Hazardous Times for Monetary Policy: What Do Tenty-Three Million Bank Loans Say About the Effects of Monetary Policy on Credit Risk Taking?' 
Discussants: Wouter den Haan (University of Amsterdam), Gabriele Galati (DNB)

Speaker      : Giovanni Dell'Ariccia, Deniz Igan* (IMF) and Luc Laeven, 
'Credit Booms and Lending Standards: Evidence from the Subprime Mortgage Market' 
Discussants : Ben Craig (FRB of Cleveland), Neeltje van Horen (DNB)

Friday, 31 October 2008

Session III: Banking competition, risk-taking and regulation

Chair          : Ben R. Craig, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
Speaker      : Geraldo Cerqueiro, Hans Degryse* (Tilburg University) and Steven Ongena, 
'Rules versus Discretion in Loan Rate Setting'
Discussants : Stefan Gerlach (Johann Wolfgang Goethe University), John Lewis (DNB)

Speaker      : Ben R. Craig and Valeriya Dinger* (University of Bonn),
'Deposit Market Competition and Bank Risk'
Discussants : Klaus Schaeck (Cass Business School), Jan Willem van den End (DNB)

Session IV: Lender of last resort

Chair          : Jan Marc Berk, Head of Research, De Nederlandsche Bank
Speaker      : Xavier Freixas* (UPF, Barcelona) and Bruno M. Parigi,
'Lender of Last Resort and Bank Closure Policy'
Discussants : Falko Fecht (Bundesbank), Itai Agur (DNB)

Speaker      : Adam Ashcraft, Morten Bech* (Federal Reserve Bank of New York) and W. Scott Frame, 'The Federal Home Loan Bank System: the Lender of Next to Last Resort?'
Discussants : Nuno Cassola (ECB), Martijn Schrijvers (DNB)

* indicates speaker