Pensions in an Ageing Society



Session 1: Pension finance

Frank de Jong (Tilburg University and University of Amsterdam) 
'Valuation of Pension Liabilities in Incomplete Markets'
Discussants: Peter Schotman (Maastricht University), Gaston Siegelaer (DNB)

Peter Vlaar (DNB) 
'The Impact of Regulation on Pension Fund Investment Policy'
Discussants: Theo Nijman (Tilburg University), Eduard Ponds (ABP and Tilburg University)              

Session 2: Pension modelling

Hans Fehr* (University of Wuerzburg) and Christian Habermann 
'Risk Sharing and Efficiency Implications of Alternative Social Security Arrangements'
Discussants: Markus Knell (Oesterreichische Nationalbank), Olivier Pierrard (DNB)  

Axel Börsch-Supan, Alexander Ludwig and Joachim Winter* (University of Munich) 
'Aging, Pension Reform, and Capital Flows: A Multi-Country Simulation Model'
Discussants: Lans Bovenberg (Tilburg University), Jaap Bikker (DNB)

Session 3: Pension system design

Gary V. Engelhardt and Anil Kumar* (Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas)
'Employer Matching and 401(k) Saving: Evidence from the Health and Retirement Study'
Discussants: Susann Rohwedder (RAND), Kerstin Bernoth (DNB)  

Zvi Bodie (Boston University School of Management) 
'Pension Insurance'
Discussants: Michael Hurd (RAND), Henriëtte Prast (DNB and Tilburg University)  

Session 4: Household behaviour

Arie Kapteyn, Arthur van Soest*(RAND and Tilburg University) and Julie Zissimopoulos
'Using Stated Preference Data to Analyze Full and Partial Retirement'
Discussants: Paul Smith (Federal Reserve Board), Allard Bruinshoofd (DNB)  

Annamaria Lusardi* (Dartmouth College) and Olivia Mitchell
'Financial Literacy and Planning: Implications for Retirement Wellbeing'
Discussants: Mauro Mastrogiacomo (CPB), Jessica du Marchie Sarvaas (DNB)

*  indicates speaker