Household Behaviour and Financial Decision-Making



Session 1: Retirement Issues

Monika Bütler, Olivia Huguenin and Federica Teppa* (Universita di Torino), 
'What Triggers Early Retirement? Results from Swiss Pension Funds'
Discussants: Susann Rohwedder (Rand) and Nicole Jonker (DNB)  

Maarten van Rooij* (De Nederlandsche Bank), Clemens Kool and Henriëtte Prast, 
'Risk-return Preferences in the Pension Domain: Are People Able to Choose?' 
Discussants: Arthur van Soest (Rand) and Kristin Kleinjans (University of Aarhus)                              

Session 2: Investment behaviour and measurment of perceptions

Monica Paiella and Andrea Tiseno* (Bank of Italy and University of Chicago), 
'Stock Market Optimism and Participation Cost: A Mean-variance Estimation'
Discussants: Rob Alessie (University of Utrecht) and Leo de Haan (DNB) 

Daniel McFadden, Norbert Schwarz and Joachim Winter* (University of Munich), 
'Measuring Perceptions and Behavior in Household Surveys'
Discussants: Charles Grant (European University Institute) and Iman van Lelyveld (DNB)

Session 3: Assets, debt and wealth effects

Charles Grant and Tuomas Peltonen* (European Central Bank and European University Institute),
'Housing and Equity Wealth Effects of Italian Households' 
Discussants: Cristina Barcelo (Banco de España) and Peter van Els (DNB)   

Nuno Martins and Ernesto Villanueva* (Universitat Pompeu Fabra),
'The Impact of Interest-rate Subsidies on Long-term Household Debt: Evidence from a Large Program'  Discussants: John V. Duca (Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas) and Jan Kakes (DNB)    

Session 4: Consumption and savings of the elderly

Günther Fink (University of Bocconi), 
'Understanding Bequest Motives – An Empirical Analysis of Intergenerational Transfers'
Discussants: Peter Westerheide (ZEW, Mannheim) and Philipp Maier (DNB)

Michael Hurd* (Rand) and Susann Rohwedder,
'Changes in Consumption and Activities at Retirement'
Discussants: Petia Petrova (Boston College) and Peter Vlaar (DNB)   

Sessions and Speakers (* indicates speaker)