Information and Communication in Central Banking



Session 1: The Value of Information and Communication

Jeffery Amato* (BIS) Hyun Song Shin (LSE, London), 
'Public and Private Information in Monetary Policy Models' 
Discussants Frank Smets (ECB) and Bryan Chapple (DNB)

Marco Hoeberichts* (DNB), Mewael Tesfaselassie and Sylvester Eijffinger (Tilburg University) 
'Central Bank Communication and Output Stabilization'  
Discussants David Andolfatto (Simon Fraser University Canada) and Niamh Sheridan (IMF)

Session 2: Experiments, Expectations and Coordination

Cars Hommes*, Joep Sonnemans, Jan Tuinstra and Henk van de Velden, (Univ. of Amsterdam)
'Coordination of Expectations in Asset Pricing Experiments'  
Discussants Heinz Herrmann (Deutsche Bundesbank) and Allard Bruinshoofd (DNB)

Ernst Fehr and Jean-Robert Tyran*, (University of Sankt-Gallen)
'Expectations and the Effects of Money Illusion'  
Discussants Roel Beetsma (University of Amsterdam) and Ronald Bosman (DNB)

Session 3: Learning and Inflation Expectations in Monetary Policy

Klaus Adam, (University of Frankfurt)
'Optimal Monetary Policy with Imperfect Common Knowledge' 
Discussants Maritta Paloviita (Bank of Finland) and Arjen Siegmann (DNB)

David Andolfatto (SFU Canada), Scott Hendry, and Kevin Moran* (Bank of Canada)
'Inflation Expectations and Learning about Monetary Policy' 
Discussants Casper de Vries (Erasmus University Rotterdam) and Iman van Lelyveld (DNB)

Session 4: Inflation and Information Stickiness

Laurence Ball* (Johns Hopkins University) and Niamh Sheridan (IMF)
'Does Inflation Targeting Matter?' 
Discussants Fernando Restoy (Bank of Spain) and Maria Demertzis (DNB)

Francesco Lippi* and Stefano Neri, Bank of Italy
'Information Variables for Monetary Policy in a Small Estimated Structural Model for the Euro Area'  
Discussants Andrew Hughes Hallet (Cardiff University) and Peter Vlaar (DNB)

Sessions and Speakers (*indicates speaker)