Global Linkages and Economic Performance



Session 1: Changing Trends in Global Markets

Peter Neary, (University College Dublin)
'Globalisation and Market Structure'
Discussants Philipp Hartmann (ECB) and Aerdt Houben (DNB)

Patrick Legros* (Université Libre de Bruxelles) and Konrad Stahl (University of Mannheim)
'Global vs Local Competition'   
Discussants Jeroen Hinloopen (University of Amsterdam) and Wilko Bolt (DNB) 

Session 2: Investing in a Global World

Holger Görg, (University of Nottingham)
'Fancy a Stay at the 'Hotel California'? Foreign Direct Investment, Taxation and Exit Costs' 
Discussants Wim Suyker (Netherlands Bureau for Policy analysis) and Ard den Reijer (DNB)

Jos Jansen and Ad Stokman*, (De Nederlandsche Bank)
'The Importance of Multinational Enterprises in Global Economic Linkages'  
Discussants Henrik Braconier (National  Institute of Economic Research, Sweden) and Reinhilde Veugelers (University of Leuven) 

Session 3: Globalisation and the Markets

William Goetzmann, Lingfeng Li and Geert Rouwenhorst*, (Yale University)
'Long-Term Global Market Correlations' 
Charles Oman (OECD) and Paul Cavelaars (DNB)

Tamim Bayoumi* and Hali Edison, (International Monetary Fund)
'Is Wealth Increasingly Driving Consumption?'  
Discussants Paola Caselli (Bank of Italy) and Peter van Els (DNB) 

Session 4: Globalisation and Macroeconomic Implications

Maurice Obstfeld (UC Berkeley), Jay Shambaugh (Dartmouth) and Alan Taylor* (UC Davis)
'The Trilemma in History: Tradeoffs Among Exchange Rates, Monetary Policies, and Capital Mobility' 
Discussants David Lopez-Salido (Bank of Spain) and Carsten Folkertsma (DNB)

Helmut Wagner* and Wolfram Berger, (University of Hagen)
'Financial Globalisation and Monetary Policy'  
Discussants Palle Andersen (BIS) and Henriëtte Prast (DNB) 

Sessions and Speakers (*indicates speaker)