Measuring Inflation for Monetary Policy Purposes



Session 1: Core Inflation Measures and their Applications

Luis Álvarez* and M. de los Llanos Matea, (Banco de España)
'Underlying Inflation Measures in Spain' 
Discussants Clemens Kool (University of Maastricht) and Henk Jager (University of Amsterdam)

Luc Aucremanne, (Nationale Bank van België)
'The Use of Robust Estimators as Measure of Core Inflation'    
Discussants Juan-Luis Vega (ECB) and Kirstin Hubrich (DNB) 

Session 2: Evaluating Core Inflation Measures

Carsten Folkertsma* and Kirstin Hubrich, (DNB)
'Performance of Core Inflation Measures' 
Discussants Karl-Heinz Tödter (Deutsche Bundesbank) and Salvatore Rossi (Banca D'Italia)

Carlos Rabalo Marques, Pedro Neves* and Luis Morais Sarmento, (Banco de Portugal)
'Evaluating Core Inflation Indicators'    
Discussants Wilhelm Fritz (Bank of International Settlements) and Peter Vlaar (DNB) 

Session 3: Inflation Measures and Monetary Policy

Marian Nessén and Ulf Söderström*, (Sveriges Riksbank)
'Core Inflation and Monetary Policy' 
Discussants Hervé Le Bihan  (Banque de France) and Maria Demertzis (DNB)

Michael Bryan, (Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland)
'Asset Prices in the Measurement of Inflation'    
Discussants Torsten Slok (IMF) and Sylvester Eijffinger (Tilburg University)

Session 4: Asset Prices and Monetary Policy

Charles Goodhart, (London School of Economics)
'What Weights Should be Given to Asset Prices in the Measurement of Inflation?' 
Discussants Mike Kennedy (OECD) and Peter van Els (DNB)

Hans Genberg, (Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva)
'Asset Prices, Monetary Policy and Macroeconomic Stability'    
Discussants Paul de Grauwe (K.U. Leuven) and Job Swank (DNB)