Thursday 8 November

9.00 –  9.30    Registration and coffee

9.30 –  9.45     Opening speech by Hans van Ees (University of Groningen)


Morning session chair: Hans van Ees (University of Groningen)

9.45  – 10.45
Keynote speaker address: Luc Laeven (International Monetary Fund & University of Tilburg)
Corporate Governance: What's Special about Banks?

10.45 – 11.15  Coffee break

11.15 – 12.00
Jakob de Haan (De Nederlandsche Bank & University of Groningen) and Razvan Vlahu (De Nederlandsche Bank)
Corporate Governance of Financial Institutions: An Overview of the Literature 

12.00 – 12.45
François Derrien (HEC Paris) and Olivier Dessant (HEC Paris)
The Perverse Effects of Investment Bank Rankings: Evidence from M&A League Tables

Discussant: Lammertjan Dam (University of Groningen)

12.45 – 14.15  Lunch



Afternoon session chair: Reggy Hooghiemstra (University of Groningen)
14.15 – 15.00
Sjoerd van Bekkum (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Inside Debt and Enterprise-Wide Bank Risk 

Discussant: Patrick Verwijmeren (VU University Amsterdam)

15.00 – 15.45
Bill Ding (State University of New York) and Russ Wermers (University of Maryland)
Mutual Fund Performance and Governance Structure: The Role of Portfolio Managers and Boards of Directors 

Discussant: Mathijs van Dijk (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

15.45 – 16.00  Coffee break

16.00 – 17.00  Plenary discussion: Corporate Governance of Financial Institutions

Moderator: Paul Frentrop (Nyenrode Business University)

Panel members: Antony Burgmans (Monitoring Commission Banking Code); Jan Sijbrand (De Nederlandsche Bank), Koos Timmermans (ING Bank) and Arnoud Boot (University of Amsterdam)

17.15 – 18.30  Drinks

18.30  Dinner

Friday 9 November

9.00 –  9.30     Registration and coffee 



Morning session chair: Jakob de Haan (De Nederlandsche Bank & University of Groningen)

9.30 – 10.30
Keynote speaker address: Rene Stulz (Ohio State University)
Governance, Risk Culture, and the Credit Crisis

10.30 – 11.00  Coffee break

11.00 – 11.45
Alexander Hüttenbrink (Technische Universität München), Christoph Kaserer (Technische Universität München) and Marc Steffen Rapp (Philipps University Marburg)
Regulation, Compensation and Risk Taking in Banks: Evidence from the Credit Crises 

Discussant: Jordan Otten (Erasmus University Rotterdam) 

11.45 – 12.30
Patricia Boyallian (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) and Pablo Ruiz-Verdu (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)
Compensation, Bank Failure, and Regulatory Intervention during the 2007-2010 Financial Crisis 

Discussant: Michiel Bijlsma (Netherlands Bureau of Economic Policy Analysis) 

12.30 – 14.00  Lunch 



Afternoon session chair: Niels Hermes (University of Groningen)

14.00 – 14.45
Sanjai Bhagat (University of Colorado) and Brian Bolton (Portland State University)
Bank Executive Compensation and Capital Requirements Reform 

Discussant: Pursey Heugens (Erasmus University Rotterdam) 

14.45 – 15.30
Sven Bornemann (Finance Center Münster), Thomas Kick (Deutsche Bundesbank), Andreas Pfingsten (Finance Center Münster) and Andrea Schertler (University of Groningen)
Taking a Bath while Receiving the Baton: An Empirical Analysis of CEO Behavior during Turnovers in Banks 
Discussant: Gerwin van der Laan (Tilburg University & Utrecht University) 

15.30 – 16.00  Coffee break

16.00 – 16.45
Michael Koetter (University of Groningen & Frankfurt School of Finance), Kasper Roszbach (University of Groningen & Sveriges Riksbank) and Giancarlo Spagnolo (Stockholm School of Economics)
Financial Stability and Central Bank Governance 

Discussant: Iman van Lelyveld (De Nederlandsche Bank)

16.45 – 17.30
Allen N. Berger (University of South Carolina), Thomas Kick (Deutsche Bundesbank) and Klaus Schaeck (Bangor University)
Executive Board Composition and Bank Risk Taking 

Discussant: Dennis Veltrop (De Nederlandsche Bank & University of Groningen)

17.30   End of the conference