Damaged and counterfeit euro coins

Do you have a damaged euro coin? Do you suspect a euro coin to be a counterfeit? In those situations, you can contact DNB.

If a euro coin was damaged, we will pay you the amount.

Damaged euro coins

If you have a euro coin that has been accidentally damaged, we can refund you the nominal amount.

If it has been damaged on purpose, or if it comes from a scrap or recycled metals business, we do not refund the amount.

To apply for reimbursement of a damaged euro coin, please fill in this form. Read more about applying for reimbursement.

Counterfeit coins

Do you suspect a euro coin to be a counterfeit? Then contact the police or DNB. A counterfeit coin is worthless. If you accepted it, do not use it deliberately for payment, because this is a criminal offence.

The design of euro coins takes maximum account of counterfeit deterrence. The number of known cases of counterfeit euro coins is very low as a result,

For more information, you can contact our National Analysis Centre for Coins (NACM). email: cnac.nl@dnb.nl.