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Exchanging guilders and euros: paper applications

At De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) you can exchange guilder banknotes, collector coins and undamaged euro banknotes, and you can apply for compensation for damaged euro banknotes or coins. You can apply using a paper form.

Applying for reimbursement

To apply for compensation we ask you to complete a form, either on paper or online. You can send your money to us by post or make an appointment to visit our exchange counter in person. There are different options for different amounts.

Please note:

  • If the amount does not exceed €450, then you can send us your money together with the paper application form or contact us to schedule an appointment to hand in your money in person at our office in Amsterdam.
  • If the combined amount of your banknotes or coins is more than €2,000, the exchange cannot take place by post. You must submit an application first. We will contact you to schedule an appointment to hand in your money in person at our exchange counter.

Would you like to apply online? Choose one of the following options:

How we process your application

  • You will receive an initial response to your application within six weeks.  If we need more information, it may take longer.
  • The maximum time limit is eight weeks. In certain situations, this time limit may be extended once. We will notify you of when you can expect a decision.
  • We will also ask you about the origin of the banknotes or coins, and we will check whether your name is on any of the international sanctions lists

If your application is approved

  • Your application will be approved if all conditions are met.
  • If you have submitted your application first without sending your money, then we will notify you when your application has been approved. You can then send your money by post or make an appointment to visit our office in Amsterdam.
  • If you sent your money and application form together and we approve it, then you will receive compensation. We will not send you a separate notice about this.
  • We will check whether the banknotes and coins are genuine and calculate the value in euros.
  • You will receive compensation in your bank account within four weeks after we receive your money.

If your application is rejected

  • We may decide not to compensate you if you fail to meet any of the conditions.
  • If your application is rejected, we will inform you of the reason for rejection and how you can object against our decision.
  • We may confiscate your banknotes or coins on legal grounds.
  • We are required by law to report transactions that may be related to money laundering or terrorist financing to the Dutch Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU-NL).

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