Guilders and obsolete currencies

You can still change most guilder banknotes at DNB, but not coins. You can take silver coins to coin traders.

Conversion rate and payment

For the exchange of guilders, we use the official conversion rate of NLG 1 = EUR 0.45378 Exchanging guilder banknotes is free of charge. We will pay the corresponding amount in euros into your bank account within three months.

Overview of exchangeable banknotes

You can still exchange most guilder banknotes. But not all of them. The 50 guilder sunflower note and the 100 guilder owl note can for instance be exchanged until 2032.

You can still exchange most guilder banknotes at DNB.

Check which banknotes you can exchange: Overview of exchangeable banknotes .

Sending in or coming round

You may visit our offices in Amsterdam to hand in your guilder banknotes. Please do not forget to bring an ID. Alternatively, you can send the notes to us, using the "Application form to exchange guilder banknotes". The corresponding amount will be paid into your bank account within three months.

Non-exchangeable banknotes

Guilder banknotes will not be exchanged if they were obtained from acts punishable under Dutch law.

Obsolete currencies of other euro countries

Do you still have Spanish pesetas or German marks? DNB does not change these or any other obsolete currencies of euro area countries, but they can often still be exchanged at the central bank of the country of origin. Some central banks also exchange old coins.