National Forum on the Payment System

An efficient, secure and accessible payment system: that is what the National Forum on the Payment System (NFPS) wishes to achieve.


The NFPS promotes a secure and efficient payment system for everyone,and aims to achieve this in cooperation with various organisations. These organisations represent groups of payment service users, such as consumers, and groups of payment service providers, such as banks.


The Ministry of Finance established the NFPS in 2002 and gave it the mandate to contribute to the social efficiency of the Dutch retail payment system. The NFPS does this by:

  • meeting twice a year to discuss any bottlenecks and the impact of new trends
  • collaborating in the collection, analysis and publication of non-competition-sensitive data
  • agreeing in principle on measures aimed at fostering efficiency, security, accessibility and availability of the payment system, and action aimed at further standardisation. Examples include joint campaigns for the promotion of efficient payment products.
  • fostering the open and free exchange of views on current policy issues.

NFPS partners

The NFPS partners include the following payment service users and providers:

  • Dutch Senior Citizens’ Association
  • Dutch Payments Association
  • Dutch Consumers’ Association
  • Samenwerkende Brancheorganisaties Filantropie
  • Ieder(in), an umbrella organisation for the physically and/or mentally challenged and the chronically ill.
  • Dutch Association of Hospitality Establishments
  • Dutch SME association
  • Dutch Banking Association
  • Eye Association Netherlands
  • Dutch retailers' organization
  • Internet retailers' organization
  • Association for the Dutch Petroleum Industry + BOVAG

The Dutch Ministries of Economic Affairs and Finance act as observers.

Working groups

DNB chairs the Forum and also provides the secretarial function. The NFPS has three working groups, which prepare the six-monthly meetings. The working groups are:

  • Efficiency and European Affairs
    This group focuses on a cost-effective payment system. Payment products and services must be robust and available to everyone. The working group monitors European developments and their impact on the payment system in the Netherlands.
  • Accessibility and Availability
    This working group aims to ensure that payment products and services are accessible and available to all groups in society.
  • Security
    This working group looks at the physical and digital security of payment products and services.

Current Topics

The NFPS partners discuss various topics in the six-monthly meetings, such as the availability of ATMs.Research shows that 99.50% of all households in the Netherlands have access to an ATM within a five-kilometre radius. Read more about cash.

IBAN discrimination

Transfering money within Europe is easy. We all have an international bank account number (IBAN), and each country has its own code. All European businesses are obliged by law to accept payments from customers from 36 European countries. If a European business refuses your payment because you have a bank account number from another European country, they are acting against the law. You can lodge a complaint about this.

Please complete the form and send it to We comply with the GDPR privacy rules when dealing with your complaint.

Read more about the NFPS discussion topics.