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National Forum on the Payment System (NFPS) – meeting results, 15 November 2018

NFPS works towards a smooth implementation of PSD2 

The revised European Payment Services Directive (PSD2) is about to be implemented in the Netherlands. Early 2019, the NFPS will launch a campaign to inform the Dutch public about the revised Directive and its consequences. The NFPS will keep a close eye on the implementation of PSD2 in the Netherlands and report on progress to the Minister of Finance. For example, it proposes the use of special interfaces for access to accounts under PSD2. The NFPS members have also agreed to jointly resolve any issues in the retail payment system arising from the introduction of PSD2.   

Optimum availability and accessibility of cash 

Geld Service Nederland (GSN) has informed the NFPS about its plans to optimise the ATM network. While the number of ATMs will be reduced, they will be placed more strategically to improve their overall availability. The NFPS has asked to pay attention to ATM accessibility for people with disabilities and to the safety of locations of ATMs and cash deposit machines.  The NFPS appreciates the letter sent in October by the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG) to its members, advising them to allow citizens to pay in cash and to provide clear information about the available payment options at the counter. The NFPS believes it is important that an adequate infrastructure for cash payments remains in place and will continue to monitor the developments regarding ATMs and ATM availability, and the use of cash.   

Instant payments as a basis for innovation 

The NPFS welcomes the collaborative effort on the part of the banks, the Dutch Payments Association and De Nederlandsche Bank to roll out instant payments in early 2019. This will allow payees to receive their payments within seconds after the payer has completed the transaction, on a 24/7 basis. The NFPS will monitor the implementation of instant payments, its interconnection with PSD2 and any ensuing innovations.  

The Dutch payment system is robust 

The NFPS has found that the Dutch payment system is robust. Thanks in part to statutory requirements and recent improvements made by banks and retailers, the availability of key payment services – such as making debit card payments, online banking, mobile banking and iDEAL – is high in the Netherlands (see Annex 1, in Dutch only).    


The NFPS urges business users to examine the consequences of Brexit for their payments and to take appropriate measures. See the guidance document included as Annex 2 (in Dutch only).