DNB is responsible for the oversight of payment and securities systems. Our supervisory activities are aimed at avoiding the emergence of systemic risk and preventing large-scale disruptions of payment systems.



Oversight of payment systems concerns institutions, systems and products relevant to payments in the Netherlands. Examples include TARGET2, Currence (iDEAL), SWIFT, Mastercard and EquensWorldline. Oversight of securities systems focuses on institutions and systems that handle the clearing and settlement of securities and derivatives transactions that are relevant to the Netherlands. Examples include central counterparties and central securities depositories such as EuroCCP, ICE Clear Netherlands and Euroclear Nederland.

See also the "List of institutions under oversight" in the downloads section.

DNB's commitment

DNB contributes to the proper functioning of payment and securities systems and thus to financial stability. We do so by setting requirements for institutions, systems and products, based on rules and regulations. See also the Regulatory framework document in the downloads section. Examples of such requirements include the following:

  • Institutions must be able to process transactions quickly and continuously. Maintaining two data centres helps to ensure continuity of services: should one of them fail, the other can immediately take over transaction processing.
  • Institutions must process transactions securely. This means they must be able to anticipate cyberattacks and recover quickly from any cybercrime-related disruptions.
  • Institutions must have adequate risk management in place to identify, monitor and mitigate any risks for the institution itself, its tasks and its customers.
  • Institutions must have a suitable board. This is why DNB assesses board members on fitness and propriety.

Current topics

DNB carries out examinations into specific topics. In 2017, for example, we are looking into business continuity management. We will publish the results on our website later this year.

Oversight in the European context

We carry out many of our oversight activities together with our European partners.  The national central bank of the country where an institution has its registered office bears primary responsibility for oversight.  If an institution also operates in other countries, the central banks of these countries also bear part of this responsibility.

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