Counterfeit deterrence

Genuine euro banknotes and coins, that's what you count on. DNB is committed to this. We do not do it alone, however. We work together with the ECB and the other central banks in the euro area.

For the latest euro banknotes, we have used the most innovative and enhanced security features, to make them even more resilient to counterfeiting. The design of euro coins takes maximum account of counterfeit deterrence. The number of known cases of counterfeit euro coins is very low as a result, as is the number of counterfeit euro notes.

DNB is involved in the combat against counterfeiting.

Combating counterfeiting

DNB has dedicated analysis centres for combating counterfeiters, as do the ECB and other euro area central banks. They collaborate closely and have access to a joint register kept by the ECB in which they record all data on counterfeit euro banknotes and coins. The register is also accessible to Europol and the national police forces. They use the information for tracking and tracing counterfeiters.

Examining counterfeit notes and coins

DNB has its National Analysis Centre (NAC) for counterfeit banknotes. The NAC examines the captured counterfeit notes and records the data in the central ECB system. We also have a National Analysis Centre for Coins, the NACM. This centre examines suspected counterfeit coins and records the data in a European database. This information is used to track down and prosecute counterfeiters.