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Melanie de Waal

Melanie de Waal

Horizontal Functions and Integrity Supervision Division

Short bio

Melanie works as a supervisor expert at the Expertcentre Governance, Behaviour & Culture since 2011, and has been involved with the early development of DNB’s supervision of behaviour and culture in the financial sector. Melanie is currently finishing her PhD thesis studying the effectiveness and interdependencies of internal and external supervision in relation to decision making behaviour and boardroom dynamics, in association with researchers from the University of Groningen. This research aims to advance empirical and practical knowledge regarding the effectiveness of supervision. For this aim we combine corporate governance literature with social psychology and study the impact of internal and external supervision on individual and group behaviour in organization samples (employees, managers, compliance officers, supervisory boards and Top Management Teams). Melanie’s aim is to translate these scientific insights to supervisory practice and to help improve supervision effectiveness.


2011 - M.Sc. Business Administration, Human Resource Management (cum laude), University of Groningen
2009 - M.Sc. Business Administration, Change Management (cum laude), University of Groningen

Research interests

  • Effectiveness of internal and external supervision
  • Effects of supervision on boardroom dynamics and decision making

Working papers

How internal and external supervision impact the dynamics between boards and Top Management Teams and TMT reflexivity (with Janka Stoker, Floor Rink and Dennis Veltrop), DNB Working Paper No. 604, 2018. Download

How internal and external supervisors influence employees' self-serving decisions (with Janka Stoker and Floor Rink), DNB Working Paper No. 464, 2015. Download

Other Publications

de Waal, M., J. Stoker and F. Rink (2015), Formal and Informal dimensions of compliance effectiveness, Business Compliance, 2015(2), pp.15-27. Download


Latest update: August 2018