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Published articles - 2011

  • A new approach to measuring competition in the loan markets of the euro area
    Jacob Bikker, Christoffer Kok Sorensen, Michiel van Leuvensteijn and Adrian Van Rixtel
    Applied Economics, 2011, 43, 3155-3167

  • Capital regulation and tail risk
    Enrico Perotti, Lev Ratnovski and Razvan Vlahu
    International Journal of Central Banking, 2011, 7(4), 123-163

  • Financial literacy and stock market participation
    Van Rooij, M.C.J., A. Lusardi and R. Alessie
    Journal of Financial Economics, 2011, 101(2), 449-472

  • Financial literacy and retirement planning in the Netherlands
    Van Rooij, M.C.J., A. Lusardi and R.J.M. Alessie
    Journal of Economic Psychology, 2011, 32, 593-608

  • A utility-based comparison of pension funds and life insurance companies under regulatory constraints
    Dirk Broeders, An Chen and Birgit Koos
    Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, 2011, 49(1), 1-10

  • Forecasting the fragility of the banking and insurance sector
    Pick, A. and K. Bernoth
    Journal of Banking and Finance, 2011, 35(4), 807-818

  • Extreme residual dependence for random vectors and processes: with an application to systemic risk of banking system
    C. Zhou and L. de Haan
    Advances in Applied Probability, 2011, 43(1), 217-242

  • Variable selection, estimation and inference in multiperiod forecasting problems
    Pick, A., M. Hashem Pesaran and A. Timmermann
    Journal of Econometrics, 2011, 164(1), 173-187

  • Does the Clarity of Central Bank Communication Affect Volatility in Financial Markets?
    Jansen, D.
    Contemporary Economic Policy, 2011, 29(4), 494-509

  • Stock market expectations of Dutch households
    Hurd, M., M.C.J. van Rooij, and J. Winter
    Journal of Applied Econometrics, 2011, 26(3), 416-436

  • Communication in a monetary policy committee
    Berk, J.M. and B.K. Bierut
    European Journal of Political Economy, 2011, 27(4), 791-801

  • Public debt managers' behaviour: Interactions with macro policies
    Lex Hoogduin, Bahar Öztürk and Peter Wierts
    Revue Economique, 2011, 62(6), 1105-1122

  • Time-variation in term premia: International survey-based evidence
    Ron Jongen, Willem Verschoor and Christian Wolff
    Journal of International Money and Finance, 2011, 30(4), 605-622

  • Urban Growth and Uninsured Rural Risk: Booming Towns in Bust Times
    Poelhekke, S.
    Journal of Development Economics, 2011, 96(2), 461-475

  • Price level convergence and regional Phillips curves in the US and EMU
    Jan Marc Berk and Job Swank
    Journal of International Money and Finance, 2011, 30, 749-763

  • The myth of financial innovation and the great moderation
    Sterk, V. and W.J. den Haan
    Economic Journal, 2011, 121(553), 707-739

  • Financial literacy and retirement preparation in the Netherlands
    Rob Alessie, Maarten van Rooij and Annemarie Lusardi
    Journal of Pension Economics and Finance, 2011, 10(4), 527-546

  • Card acceptance and surcharging: The role of costs and competition
    Nicole Jonker
    Review of Network Economics, 2011, 10(2), article 4

  • Is the negative relation between leverage and historical market-to-book specific to US and ICT firms?
    Allard Bruinshoofd and Leo de Haan
    International Review of Finance, 2011, 11(2), 227-243

  • Forecast combination across estimation windows
    Hashem Pesaran and Andreas Pick
    Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 2011, 29(2), 307-318

  • Mumbling with great incoherence: Was it really so difficult to understand Alan Greenspan?
    David-Jan Jansen
    Economics Letters, 2011, 113(1), 70-72

  • Did the crisis affect inflation expectations?
    Galati, G., S. Poelhekke and C. Zhou
    International Journal of Central Banking, 2011, 7(1), 167-207

  • Bank-specific daily interest rate adjustment in the Dutch mortgage market
    Leo de Haan and Elmer Sterken
    Journal of Financial Services Research, 2011, 39(3), 145-159

  • Subjective measures of risk aversion, fixed costs, and portfolio choice
    Kapteyn, A. and F. Teppa
    Journal of Economic Psychology, 2011, 32, 564-580

  • Does central bank communication really lead to better forecasts of policy decisions? New evidence based on a Taylor rule model for the ECB
    Sturm, J-E. and J. de Haan
    Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv, 2011, 147(1), 41-58

  • Labor Market Flexibility and the Impact of the Financial Crisis
    I. Kadek Dian Sutrisna Artha and Jakob de Haan
    Kyklos, 2011, 64(2), 213-230

  • The pungent smell of “red herrings”: Subsoil assets, rents, volatility and the resource curse
    Ploeg, F. van der and S. Poelhekke
    Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 2011, 60(1), 44-55

  • Restructuring of the Dutch nonlife insurance industry: Consolidation, organisational form and focus
    Bikker, J.A. and J. Gorter
    Journal of Risk and Insurance, 2011, 78, 163-194

  • How Anchored are Inflation Expectations in EMU Countries?
    Van der Cruijsen, C.A.B. and M. Demertzis
    Economic Modelling, 2011, 28(1-2), 281-298

  • Momentum or contrarian investment strategies: Evidence from Dutch institutional investors Leo de Haan and Jan Kakes
    Journal of Banking and Finance, 2011, 35 (9), 2245-2251

  • An affine two-factor heteroskedastic macro-finance term structure model
    Peter Spreij, Enno Veerman and Peter Vlaar
    Applied Mathematical Finance, 2011, 18(4), 331-352

  • Does money matter in the ECB strategy? New evidence based on ECB communication
    Berger, H., J. de Haan and J-E. Sturm
    International Journal of Finance and Economics, 2011, 16, 16-41

  • An empirical assessment of reinsurance risk
    Iman van Lelyveld, Franka Liedorp and Manuel Kampman
    Journal of Financial Stability, 2011, 7(4) 191-203

  • Is corruption really persistent?
    Seldadyo, H.G. and J. de Haan
    Pacific Economic Review, 2011, 16(2), 192-206

  • Political Regime Change, Economic Liberalization and Growth Accelerations
    Jong-A Pin, R.M. and J. de Haan
    Public Choice, 2011, 146 (1-2), 93-115