Banks must submit quarterly data for the purpose of calculating their contributions to the DGF. Since 2016 banks have reported on a quarterly basis the totals of accounts and balances. DNB uses these data to establish the base for calculating the DGF levies.

Please find below an overview of current regulation and publications.

Regulation quarterly reporting DGS

The Amendment to Regulation on Statements of Financial Institutions under Financial Supervision Act 2011 (Regeling Staten) among others, substantiates the requirement for banks to provide data on a quarterly basis for calculating the DGF levies. In the beginning of February 2019 DNB published another round of amendments to this act (Regeling Staten) in the Government Gazette (Staatscourant). These amendments aim to provide insight into the possible difference between the size of the reported deposits under the European Deposit Guarantee Schemes Directive versus FINREP as a result of differences in the definition of ‘deposit’ according to the DGS Directive. The amendments were publicly consulted late 2018 and are effective per 30 September.The document ‘First round of amendments DGS Policy Rules – Final adoption – February 2019’ will provide a further explanation and feedback on the responses on the consultation.

Reporting templates and submitting reports

You can submit the reports through the Digitaal Loket Rapportages (DLR) in the form of a so-called container report. In compliance with the reporting obligation in DLR you will submit the completed Excel template before the date set in the obligation.

From 30 September 2019, you are obliged to use the following reporting template (Dutch only). This template will also be available in DLR.

Transition to XBRL

As of 31 March 2020, the DGS quarterly reports must be submitted in XBRL. DNB has developed an XBRL taxonomy. In November 2019, a new version ofthe taxonomywas published which contains the validation rules. With effect from the report of 31 March 2020, delivery in Excel is no longer possible.