Scope and Execution

DNB has laid down further rules for the coverage of escrow accounts and the ranking of deposits that are eligible for payout under the Deposit Guarantee Scheme (DGS). The ranking is used when compiling the Single Customer View (SCV).

You can find a list of current regulations and publications below.

Policy Rule on the Scope and Execution of the Deposit Guarantee Scheme 

The Policy Rule on the Scope and Execution of the Deposit Guarantee Scheme (The publication in the Staatscourant is in Dutch only. However, the policy rule has been translated in the consolidated document below) sets out further rules governing the coverage of escrow accounts. As such, the Policy Rule provides additional information needed for the compilation of the SCV, especially with respect to handling escrow accounts. 

The Policy Rule also specifies the ranking of eligible deposits, offering a framework to determine the order in which accounts are drawn from when establishing the guaranteed amount for each depositor in the event of resolution and a DGS payout. 

The Policy Rule may be supplemented with other DGS-related provisions in the future. 

Final regulations (July 2017)

The final Policy Rule on the Scope and Execution of the DGS was adopted in July 2017. DNB prepared an interactively consolidated document, containing all adopted DGS regulations pertaining to the SCV (Policy Rules for the DGS – July 2017), including the Policy Rule on the Scope and Execution of the DGS. The document gives an overview of the regulations, discusses the outcomes of the public consultation and provides a worked example. 

Public consultation of the DGS Policy Rules (March 2017)

Prior to adopting the Policy Rules in July 2017 DNB held a public consultation round, which closed onthe 30th ofApril 2017. You can find more information on the consultation procedure in the Consultation document.