Specification of the data delivery

The specification of the data delivery is described in a data delivery agreement (DDA), in Dutch the ‘Gegevensleveringsovereenkomst’ (GLO) which contains a Formal Logical Data Model.

The GLO defines the technical specifications of the data exchanges that are laid out in the DGS Policy Rules. It is exclusively available in the English language and is composed of a set of files and documents that can be found in the form of a zip-file in the downloads section.

All data deliveries have to be submittend complying with the requirements of GLO version 1.0.4 up to and including 31-12-2019. To allow banks a six month period in which to prepare for data deliveries according to the new GLO (version 1.1.0) we have published this version as of 1-7-2019. It will come into effect on 1-1-2020. 

  • It is not allowed to make data deliveries according GLO 1.1.0 before 1-1-2020.
  • After 31-12-2019 it is not allowed to make data deliveries according to GLO 1.0.4 anymore.

The document QA Transition IKB provides a handy overview of questions that banks have submitted on the subject of data delivery, with answers.